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The Best BPCS | Infor LX Financial Reports to Analyze Company Performance

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You know what ERP data you need to analyze your company’s financial health, but sometimes it is a struggle to get that data in a format that is meaningful. Here are some reports in BPCS & Infor LX which you may find useful.

As is the case with most ERP reports, with each version progression from the earliest versions of BPCS to the latest version of Infor LX, there are improvements in selection criteria and report content. Some may require some setup and others may require some formatting if you would like to export them to Excel. Contact me if you have questions or need assistance.


Finance: How much time are you wasting on manual processes?

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Time-consuming processes around month-end close, year-end close, AP matching, invoicing, account reconciliation, vendor payments, tax compliance, and more can weigh down a Finance team. Your business and your customers’ needs have changed and you are in a constant battle to keep up. It's hard to know which area to tackle first and where the greatest impact can be made.

That's where the Crossroads RMC Finance Utilization Review comes in.
Whether you're on an old version of BPCS or Baan, or the latest version of Infor LX or Infor LN, odds are there are aspects of Finance in the ERP system that doesn't fit your business's current strategy. Do you throw out the software and start with something new? Odds are that is overkill. Sometimes it just boils down to taking the time to understand how your current state matches up with your corporate strategy, understanding the gaps, and developing a plan to get you from point A to point B.

We have successfully helped companies transform their business in the areas of:

  • Procure to Pay
  • Record to Report
  • Quote to Cash
  • Financial Planning & Analysis

Our Finance consultants have 30+ years of experience that bring about REAL...

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ERP Reports: Get EXACTLY what you need when you need it for as little as $125/user/month

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Everyone understands the importance of ERP reporting, but what if you’re relying on the wrong reports?

Having access to ERP data in a usable format allows for a common understanding and the ability to take action based on what the data is telling you. What do you do if the way your data is presented is not useful, or flat out wrong?

How can your reports be wrong? That would mean that the data is wrong, wouldn’t it?
Not necessarily. Reports are wrong because they are stagnant. They represent the truth ONLY at the moment they are run. If that data is shared with others within your organization, the information the report(s) is trying to convey has already changed. Decisions are then made on bad information.

What is preventing you from upgrading your Infor LX or BPCS ERP System?

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Your answer to this question is likely customizations… customizations that were once the best thing since sliced bread but now have become the bane of your existence.

There is something you can do about it! 

Crossroads RMC has many options for LX & BPCS when dealing with customizations:


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Tips:  LX | BPCS | M3

The Credit Card Data Area program, SYS045D, enables you to create and maintain a configuration file that provides a gateway to a third-party payment application. The information you set up with this program is required to allow Infor LX to communicate with the credit card processing application that passes credit card payment information between Infor LX and the credit card providers.

Access: SYS menu

  • Use the Credit Card Data Area screen, SYS045D-01, to...


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Tips: LN | Baan

Customer Defined fields are fields that can be added to tables, screens, reports, and BODs. Validation and calculation logic can be defined around those fields. This gives you great added capability and flexibility… however, are you aware of the limitations of using CDFs?

  • You cannot define customer-defined fields for tables within Tools (the tl and tt packages).
  • External integrations.....

To clear out the balances of outstanding invoices that will be added into new companies or moved into new companies, credit notes could be created for them and have them linked to all the invoices of one customer/supplier. 

Another option is to...


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