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Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: Dynamic Assembly Control BOM (LN 10.7)

Kathy Barthelt 0 12994 Article rating: 5.0

In previous releases of LN, the Assembly Control Bill of Material (BOM) offered limited flexibility. For each end item configuration, users were required to create unique Engineering Modules, which are used to determine the assembly parts that are consumed in a specific Line Station during a specific operation.

If LN is integrated with Design Studio, previously called Infor CPQ, BOM structures can be maintained in Design Studio for Assembly Control. These structures can include non-configurable parts that are directly linked to configurable items. When communicating these structures to LN using the Assembly Control, Product Variant Structure (tiapl3510m000) session, the structures were rejected because non-configurable parts were not supported by the session logic.

In this release, BOM structures that include non-configurable parts can now be accepted in LN. Consequently, if LN is integrated with Design Studio, it is no longer required to use the Engineering Module. Using the Engineering Module has become optional.

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: Multi-Level Backflush (LX 8.4)

George Moroses 0 10255 Article rating: 5.0

Clients who want to process more than one customer order line, one item, or one shop order are now able to continue processing without having to leave the Multi-Level Backflush screen. After entering data for a specific category, users are now able to use the F18=Accept & Continue function key that allows users to start and complete an action and remain on the MultiLevel Backflush screen, LMP600D1, to perform the next action. Previously, users were sent back out to the SYS500-06 screen after processing using single customer order line, shop order, or item.

This enhancement includes these programs or areas:

  • Lean Production Back-flush Selection Panel, LMP600D  
  • Lean Production Back-flush Selection Panel, LMP600FM
  • Lean Production Back-flush Selection Panel, LMP600HT

Infor will no longer support LX or BPCS on IBM i 7.2 after April 30, 2021

George Moroses 0 8511 Article rating: 5.0

On September 10, 2019, IBM® announced the end of support of IBM i 7.2 effective April 30, 2021. In line with IBM’s support policy, Infor will no longer support LX, BPCS, SSAEAM, PRMS, BOSS and related products on IBM i 7.2 after April 30, 2021.

All releases, patches, and solutions are expected to be delivered and compiled for IBM i 7.3 effective May 1, 2021. These deliverables should install and function on version 7 release 3 (IBM i 7.3) and above. This will require that your operating system be at a minimum release level of IBM i 7.3.

This policy extends to other Infor LX related technologies including WebTop, System i Workspace (SIW), and Infor Development Framework (IDF).

If you have not done so already, we recommend you start planning and completing your upgrade to IBM i 7.3 or above prior to April 30, 2021. After this date, if you register a support call with Infor Support, and your application still runs on IBM i 7.2, you may be requested to upgrade to a supported version of the IBM i operating system.

In addition, we invite you to log on to Infor Concierge to view and download important information regarding Infor LX, BPCS, and Infor SSAEAM. General KB Articles have been created to proactively provide you with information regarding this Announcement (1397381) and the Infor BPCS/LX Product Lifecycle Policy (1947086).

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: Journal Upload – EGLi

George Moroses 0 10202 Article rating: 5.0

EGLi users who maintain journal entries in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can use this utility to upload journal entries to EGLi. The Journal Upload installation program adds an Add-Ins tab to Microsoft Excel. This tab includes options to connect to the server where EGLi is installed and to open a spreadsheet template to use for manual journal entry. When the spreadsheet is complete, the Add-Ins tab is used to upload the spreadsheet.

To install Journal Upload:

  1.  The Power-Link Installation page has links to the Client installation programs and a link to download and install the Journal Upload utility. To access this page, use this link with your own values for system and NetLinkport: http://system:NetLinkport/Installs/ClientInstall/Install.html  where system is the server where IDF is installed and NetLinkport is the Net-Link port, typically 36001
  2. On the Power-Link Installation page, click the link provided to download and install EGLi Journal Upload.
  3. Follow the screen prompts to complete the installation on your PC.
  4. To verify the installation, open an Excel spreadsheet. Confirm that the Add-Ins tab is on the spreadsheet. 

See the Infor Enterprise General Ledger for System i Journal Upload Installation and Infor LX Configuration Guide.

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Open Transactions Check – LN 10.7

Kathy Barthelt 0 46 Article rating: 5.0

When closing a project, users were informed about open transactions blocking the closure process. To proactively check on open transactions, the Show Open Transactions option has been introduced in the Project Status (tppdm6107s000) session. With this option, issues can be resolved before changing the status.

Infor LX & BPCS Tip: LX 8.4 – Manufacturing Field Size Expansions

George Moroses 0 37 Article rating: 5.0

This enhancement provides expanded field sizes for many key manufacturing data elements. This expansion impacts panels, reports, work fields, as well as parameters and other technical areas.

The benefits of the expanded field enhancement include: 

  • Support for companies that have global operations in a single database.
  • Improved data accuracy due to additional decimal points.
  • Improved data accuracy due to additional capacity for totals and summaries.
  • Provides more definitions of additional values, including more meaningful values due to fewer abbreviations.
  • Provides a greater number of days for data retention.
  • Meets regulatory requirements or industry standards.
  • Avoids re-use or duplication of keys.

The programs or areas impacted include:

  • Shop Order Number (9N)
  • Summary Quantity fields (13,3)
  • DWM Summary Weight fields (13,4)
  • Transaction History Sequence (16N)
  • Instrument Serial Number (50A)
  • Item Class (5A)
  • Item Discount Code (5A)
  • Shop Order Priority Code (2N)
  • Catalog String (512A)
  • Comment (35A on ECM TITB file)

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: LN 10.7 - Inventory Check for Sales Orders

Kathy Barthelt 0 775 Article rating: 5.0

In previous releases, the Check Inventory Sales Order (tdsls4217m000) session was used to provide planned delivery dates to sales order lines by performing ATP checks only during order entry.

The Check Inventory Sales Order (tdsls4217m000) session has been enhanced to support the ATP recalculation of planned delivery dates. ATP checks can now be run on sales order lines with the Order Promising Status set to Accepted. Simulation capabilities and exclusion of already advised sales order lines are also offered.

The new functionality can be enabled for a combination of item and business partner. At sales order line level, the option to disable the recalculation is always available.


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