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Data Collection: Are you able to perform a full cycle count of your inventory in one day?

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Cycle Counting Benefits:

  • Overall increased inventory accuracy
  • Increased accuracy of count
  • Ability to review and approve count before direct update of Baan / Infor LN tables
  • Elimination of unnecessary re-orders of items with current inventory
  • Greater ability to satisfy customer orders due to greater visibility to accurate inventory levels
  • Direct labor cost savings – less staff required for count
  • Increased productivity during count

Some of our customers counts used to take weeks. They can now complete a count of their entire inventory in one day. One of our LN customers just told us that they recently wrapped up a cycle count using our software and said it was the first time ever that they completed a count without one complaint or mistake!

Contact us today to learn more - 800.762.2077

Integration News: Crossroads RMC has developed an integration from Baan IV to Modula OnePick for Grindmaster Corporation

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One Pick is a Modula Lift automatic vertical warehouse with a special picking bay equipped to provide expedited picking and a high level of pick accuracy. With this system, Grindmaster is able to save floor space, store items safely, automate inventory management, track items, save picking time and prevent picking errors. Go live for this solution is expected in Q1 2020.

IDF News: IDF Maintenance

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The Infor Development Framework (IDF) provides two options that you can use to review information about jobs that are in the job queue or underway at the workstations and change the status of unattached jobs or review detailed information for specific unattached jobs.

                Option 5 – Job Status Maintenance: Use this option to review information about jobs that are in the job queue or underway at the workstations. You can also delete records of jobs in the Job Activity (JOBACT) file.

                Option 6 – Unattached Job Status Maintenance: Use this option to change the status of an unattached job. You can also review detail information for a selected unattached job.

About 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. This extends into the ERP software realm, too.

Infor LX & BPCS

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Graphical representation makes complex concepts—like the intricacies of an ERP system—more universal, relatable and easy to understand.

ERP dashboards gather and visualize critical metrics from across the organization, offering insight into the performance, outlook and interconnectivity of business processes.

By setting up ERP dashboards that illustrate key metrics and compellingly communicate operational performance, key stakeholders will have a clear picture of the health of the business—and make better, more informed business decisions as a result.

The Crossroads Analytics Dashboard has preconfigured views for all of the following:

 Infor LX & BPCS
  • Sales Bookings (ECH)
  • Accounts Receivable (RAR)
  • Accounts Payable (APH)
  • Planned Orders (KFP)
  • Purchasing (HPH)
  • Shop Order Material (FMA)
  • Shop Order Operations (FOD)
  • CEA
  • Order Booking (ECS)
  • Labor History (FLT)
  • Sales History (SIH)
  • Material Status (IIM/ILI)

To learn more visit our Analytic Dashboard webpage.

Consulting News: How do I identify the processes that impact my ERP upgrade?

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Identify all of the processes that impact my ERP upgrade

  • Identify all current users that transact/execute transactions
    • List users by transaction type/functional area
    • List users by shift worked (off-shift resources often support multiple areas/functions)
    • List users by time frame of use (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually)
  • Identify all users that receive reports from the system
    • List last run date of all reports, queries and owners
  • Identify all data extract programs/routines
    • Downloads to Excel/Access databases
    • Downloads to Labor / Payroll Reporting Systems
    • Downloads to Assets Management Systems
    • Downloads to Third Party Logistics partners
    • EDI messages for requirements downloads to vendors
    • EDI Input for Order Entry, ASN, and Quotes.
    • Downloads/uploads to vendor Quality Management Systems

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: MPS vs. MRP

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What items should be MPS planned, and what items should be MRP planned…

Master Scheduled Items are those items that are finished goods, or service items, that receive their requirements either specifically from Independent demand, or both Dependent and Independent demand.

  • Independent Demand is demand that cannot be calculated from higher level demand in the product structure, and therefore must be either a forecast or an actual customer order (Finished Goods or Service parts sold to customers).
  • Dependent demand is derived from higher level demand in the product structure. Dependent demand includes components, raw materials, and sub-assemblies. (these are not normally Master Scheduled Items).
  • Service Parts may have both independent demand from forecast and/or customer orders, as well as dependent demand from higher level demand if that item is also used in other sub-assemblies or products.
  • Cumulative Lead Time is a concept used in Master Production Scheduling (MPS) that combines the “fixed” lead time, and the “variable” lead time needed to produce the product. It is the longest path through a given Bill-of-material. Based on the MPS setup options, Infor/ERP LX will calculate cumulative lead time (also called “the Critical Path”) for you (use the “indented BOM” display in BOM300 and find the item with the longest lead time “L/T”). Note: You may have to use Action 21, Line Detail, to see the “L/T” lead time for each item.

You’ve got a handle on your inventory requirements, right? Are you confident you can handle a rush order, or ten rush orders?

Baan & LN Add-Ons

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RMCbuild gives you the ability to report a component’s gross requirement, shortage, on-hand inventory, on-order inventory, allocated inventory, inspected inventory, production or work orders due to replenish component inventory, buyer or planner, and/or item group… and more.

RMCbuild takes all the surprise and guess work out of inventory planning. Give your employees the tools they need to do their job effectively.


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Tips:  LX / BPCS / M3

If you plan to use Infor WebTop, the WebTop version 4.7 or above is required when running LX 8.4. Also, acquire and install the latest WebTop 4.7 patches from Infor Xtreme prior to running LX WebTop. WebTop 4.7 can be applied to your existing environments before you install 8.4.0. If this is completed before installing LX 8.4 then the LX install will take care of much of the Webtop server configuration automatically, including installing the LX Webtop metadata, updating WEB_ENV, and including the Webtop Platform library in the INLIBL data area as part of the environment setup. If you choose to install WebTop after the LX 8.4 installation is completed, the “Infor LX 8.4 Webtop 4.7 Configuration Guide” will guide you through all the configuration steps to set up Webtop for your LX environment.


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Tips: LN & Baan

Infor Operating Service (OS) is a technology platform that supports fully integrated, industry-specific solution suites with mobile-first design, a consumer-inspired user experience, and science-driven analytics. It leverages the convergence of information, analytics, cloud computing, mobility, and social business.

This platform includes these products:

•    Infor Ming.le
•    Infor ION CE
•    ION Messaging Service (IMS)
•    Infor Data Lake
•    Infor Document Management
•    Infor Localization Services Platform (LSP)
•    Infor Localization Services

Read OS overview>


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