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"Apologies, boss, but at the moment, we are unable to contribute to advancing the business."

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Imagine delivering this message to your boss or the company president. What would their response likely be? It's improbable that they would respond with, "That's perfectly fine; we can delay implementing this significant initiative that could potentially save us a substantial amount of money and give us a competitive edge. Please let us know when you have the availability to work on it." In reality, they would probably want you to add this new task to your already overflowing to-do list, wouldn't they?

Nonetheless, you'd probably comply because it's...

ERP & the Importance of Accuracy & Productivity

Infor LN & Baan

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If you don't think accuracy and productivity are important, you need to take a hard look at HOW you’re running your ERP system.

  • Have you eliminated large amounts of data entry?
  • Is your data error-free at month's end?
  • Do all of your systems talk to one another?

If the answer is no, Crossroads RMC can improve accuracy and productivity with system integration and/or automation.

Too expensive you say? Too time-consuming and way too much effort to make it happen? Not necessarily... 

Reskilling and Upskilling Your Staff – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore This

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According to the World Economic Forum, half of all employees will require significant reskilling or upskilling by 2025.

For many of you, your Infor ERP system was implemented 5, 10, 15, or 20+ years ago, and now there are only a handful of people left from that implementation if any at all. Since most of your "how and why" walked out the door, how much longer can you get by on “tribal knowledge”? While many companies understand the importance of employee training, implementing that training remains a challenge. What’s the best way to proceed you ask?

Have You Heard About the Latest & Greatest Way to BOOST Productivity?


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In a world of life hacks and constantly changing routines, we could all use help boosting productivity.

With Crossroads RMC support services, boosting your productivity just got 10x easier! Boost the productivity of your entire team by adding just ONE team member that you only pay when you need them. And the best part is that they are waiting for your call right now and every hour of every day, even on weekends and holidays.

Check out Crossroads RMC's Support Services Designed YOUR Way: ...

DATA: See it. Understand it. Discuss it.

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We’ve all heard author and management consultant Peter Drucker’s famous quote “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  

What’s the right way to manage “It” though? Is it enough to put the data in the hands of the responsible manager and wait for change to occur? Does the manager have a pulse on everything that went into those numbers?

Your numbers tell a story, but there is a lot of...

Optimize with Infor Development Framework: IDF

Infor LX | BPCS | M3

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Why You Need IDF

The Infor Development Framework (IDF) not only helps you modernize the look and feel of your LX software but also the interactions of the IBM i software with other applications in your business.

“The IDF is a multi-user interface, single codebase architecture that’s metadata-driven (and) provides a lot of flexibility to adapt the software for their processes.” says Infor. This is the direction that Infor is going starting...

Infor LX & BPCS: Why You Need MES

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You know your plant better than anyone, and most likely you'd admit that there is room for improvement. Perhaps too many defects are causing costly issues down the road, or maybe your production is behind and orders are shipping late? Do you know what needs to be improved? Do you know about the root causes of the problems that you’re experiencing? Is it fair to say, you don’t know what you don’t know … yet?

MES helps you dig into the problem and better yet, SOLVES the problem!

What Is MES and How Does It Work?

Many companies still enter data manually or share work instructions on paper. Most of them, however, know there’s a better way to organize the mass of activity happening on the plant floor. MES provides visibility to that activity as well as the underlying data and uses that data to improve how that activity is done and makes it repeatable. MES connects multiple sites, integrates with equipment, and raises the effectiveness of business applications all to better optimize operations.

The 3 Pillars of MES:

  1. Establishing a plan and staying on schedule...

Staff Augmentation: Knowledgeable ERP Staff Quickly

Infor LX, BPCS, Infor M3, Infor LN & Baan

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So... your staff is working on a critical project for your top customer, and in order to maintain customer satisfaction and complete the project on-time, you are faced with the immediate need for additional staff. You know that the recruitment process takes way too long, and that it's virtually impossible to find highly qualified employees that won't need lengthy training to bring them up to speed on your ERP system, let alone your business. 

What if... your ERP system is dragging and you know you are behind on installing updates that are likely to improve system performance, but your IT guy is working on something else of importance and can't perform the upgrade?

Either of these scenarios sound familiar? 

Staff Augmentation ensures that...


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Tips:  LX | BPCS | M3

The cycle counting sub-system in Inventory Management determines which items are selected for cycle counting based on the following criteria:

  1. Cycle Counts/Year: The system calculates the cycle count frequency for each item using the "Cycle Counts/Year" field in the Item Master file (optional).

  2. Last Cycle Count Date: If you use locations, this date is found in the Location Inventory file (ILI), and if you don't, it's in the Warehouse Inventory file (IWI).

The system adds the calculated cycle count frequency to the last...

WebTop release 4.8 is NOW AVAILABLE for Infor LX versions 8.3.5 and 8.4.x.

WebTop is a web interface based on green screen code automatically generated using a tool called 'WebTop Studio'. The process of generating the web interface is referred to as "Weblication".

Infor is focused on modernizing and web-enabling Infor LX and this release provides significant improvements to the web-based user experience.
Key features:

  • Grid decorators for advanced customization

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Tips: LN | Baan

When deciding what items should be MPS (Master Production Schedule) planned and what items should be MRP (Material Requirements Planning) planned, it's crucial to understand the nature of the items and their demand sources. Here's a breakdown:

  • Master Scheduled Items:

    • Master Scheduled Items are typically finished goods or service items.
    • These items receive their requirements from both Independent and Dependent demand sources.
  • Independent Demand:...

Invoicing Methods are a set of parameters that define the types of orders and order lines that can be collected on an invoice, the type of invoice to be generated and the costs to be aggregated on Project invoices and Service invoices.

If options to combine tax codes, departments, sales representatives' line of business area...


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