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Avalara isn't only tax calculation and returns filing....

Baan & Infor LN

Kathy Barthelt 0 4517 Article rating: 5.0

Did you know that in addition to tax calculation and returns filing, Avalara can also help with:

  • Business license and tax registration
  • Streamlined Sales Tax qualification
  • Nexus analysis and compliance
  • Tax document management including exemption certificates
  • Audit preparation

Contact us today! We partner closely with Avalara to provide you with solutions on ALL version of Baan and Infor LN!

Infor LN & Baan: Is Your House All In Order?

Kathy Barthelt 0 1572 Article rating: 5.0

Have you successfully closed all of the fiscal, tax and reporting periods for 2019 and closed the year? Sometimes this task hangs out there looming because either people don’t know what needs to be done, or there is a fear there are going to be problems.

Let Crossroads RMC’s expert finance consulting team help you through this.

Move into 2020 with ease! Contact Kathy Barthelt today to put together a plan for your close.

Want a way to convert IBM i ® spool files into full-color, professional forms that are output as PDF documents?

Anthony Etzel 0 2952 Article rating: 5.0

Want a way to convert IBM i ® spool files into full-color, professional forms that are output as PDF documents?

Crossroads RMC and TL Ashford can help you get there!

TLAForms provide a reliable, feature-rich, cost-effective forms solution for IBM i, with no programming required!

Contact Anthony Etzel for more info: 1.630.955.1310, x125 or

Join us in St. Louis for inPOWER 2020!

inPower 2020

George Moroses 0 712 Article rating: 5.0

We can’t wait to see you this May at the PREMIER event for Infor LX & BPCS users! Join us for the conference and a special customer appreciation event!

Why attend?

  • Participate in exclusive training sessions
  • Attend user experience and industry presentations on topics relevant to your business
  • View new product demos to give you the tools needed to tackle issues we all share

Click here to register and please let us know that you will be attending!

What is the right balance of KPIs to make sure your production line is running at peak performance?

Analytics Dashboard

Crossroads RMC 0 904 Article rating: 5.0

How can we make sure the production line is running at peak performance?

One very effective way is to put the right balance of production KPIs in place. Some of these are leading indicator KPIs that help provide insight into future performance and some are results KPIs that tell you how you have done. It is good to have both.

Check out this list of 21 examples of KPI indicators for 2020 to help improve manufacturing performance.

Analytics Dashboard for Infor LN & Baan
Analytics Dashboard for Infor LX, BPCS & Infor M3

Consulting News: It's Time for the Crossroads RMC Utilization Review

Frank Petrasio 0 2130 Article rating: 5.0

If your business requirements and resources have undergone a major change since your original implementation, it is time to take a look at your ERP system to see if it is being utilized properly.

The Crossroads RMC Utilization Review is designed to work with your people to identify the best way to apply the powerful capabilities within the Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Financial modules within the Infor LX and BPCS software to best suit the needs of your business, not only today, but in years to come.

Learn more> 

Contact Frank Petrasio today to schedule your review so that you can get 2020 started on the right foot!

Crossroads RMC Tip of the Week: How to Prevent Your Company From Being a Victim of Ransomware

Crossroads RMC 0 6098 Article rating: 3.5

This is unfortunately becoming a common occurrence in today’s digital society and we are hearing about these sort of attacks quite frequently.

There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to ransomware as recommended by Norton 360:   

  1. Do not pay the ransom. It only encourages and funds these attackers. Even if the ransom is paid, there is no guarantee that you will be able to regain access to your files.
  2. Restore any impacted files from a known good backup. Restoration of your files from a backup is the fastest way to regain access to your data.
  3. Do not provide personal information when answering an email, unsolicited phone call, text message or instant message. Phishers will try to trick employees into installing malware, or gain intelligence for attacks by claiming to be from IT. Be sure to contact your IT department if you or your coworkers receive suspicious calls.
  4. Use reputable antivirus software and a firewall. Maintaining a strong firewall and keeping your security software up to date are critical. It’s important to use antivirus software from a reputable company because of all the fake software out there.
  5. Do employ content scanning and filtering on your mail servers. Inbound e-mails should be scanned for known threats and should block any attachment types that could pose a threat.
  6. Do make sure that all systems and software are up-to-date with relevant patches. Exploit kits hosted on compromised websites are commonly used to spread malware. Regular patching of vulnerable software is necessary to help prevent infection.
  7. If traveling, alert your IT department beforehand, especially if you’re going to be using public wireless Internet. Make sure you use a trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing public Wi-Fi like Norton Secure VPN.

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Tips:  LX / BPCS / M3

If you plan to use Infor WebTop, the WebTop version 4.7 or above is required when running LX 8.4. Also, acquire and install the latest WebTop 4.7 patches from Infor Xtreme prior to running LX WebTop. WebTop 4.7 can be applied to your existing environments before you install 8.4.0. If this is completed before installing LX 8.4 then the LX install will take care of much of the Webtop server configuration automatically, including installing the LX Webtop metadata, updating WEB_ENV, and including the Webtop Platform library in the INLIBL data area as part of the environment setup. If you choose to install WebTop after the LX 8.4 installation is completed, the “Infor LX 8.4 Webtop 4.7 Configuration Guide” will guide you through all the configuration steps to set up Webtop for your LX environment.


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Tips: LN & Baan

Infor Operating Service (OS) is a technology platform that supports fully integrated, industry-specific solution suites with mobile-first design, a consumer-inspired user experience, and science-driven analytics. It leverages the convergence of information, analytics, cloud computing, mobility, and social business.

This platform includes these products:

•    Infor Ming.le
•    Infor ION CE
•    ION Messaging Service (IMS)
•    Infor Data Lake
•    Infor Document Management
•    Infor Localization Services Platform (LSP)
•    Infor Localization Services

Read OS overview>


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