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Welcome to Our New Website - Please Take a Look Around!

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We proudly announce the launch of Crossroads RMC’s brand new website!

We have been fortunate to serve customers for over 30 years and over that time, we have developed software solutions and consulting expertise to become your Go-To Experts for Infor LN / Baan, and Infor LX / BPCS and M3. 

Our website design focuses on our products and services simply and succinctly, while accentuating the reasons why working with Crossroads RMC has been the right choice for so many manufacturers and distributors worldwide. 

So come on in and take a look around! We hope you enjoy the new site and explore all of the information it has to offer.

If you think our new website is COOL, please leave a comment!If you think our new website is COOL, please leave a comment! 

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ERP Reports: Get EXACTLY what you need when you need it for as little as $125/user/month

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Everyone understands the importance of ERP reporting, but what if you’re relying on the wrong reports?

Having access to ERP data in a usable format allows for a common understanding and the ability to take action based on what the data is telling you. What do you do if the way your data is presented is not useful, or flat out wrong?

How can your reports be wrong? That would mean that the data is wrong, wouldn’t it?
Not necessarily. Reports are wrong because they are stagnant. They represent the truth ONLY at the moment they are run. If that data is shared with others within your organization, the information the report(s) is trying to convey has already changed. Decisions are then made on bad information.

What is preventing you from upgrading your Infor LX or BPCS ERP System?

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Your answer to this question is likely customizations… customizations that were once the best thing since sliced bread but now have become the bane of your existence.

There is something you can do about it! 

Crossroads RMC has many options for LX & BPCS when dealing with customizations:


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Tips:  LX / BPCS / M3

Previously, users were unable to delete items in IDF Enterprise Items when they have inventory balances or the item is connected to ancillary records, such as sales history records. This feature added in LX 8.4 provides the ability to delete an item when sales history records are found but all sales history activity is zero.

When the user attempts to delete an item in IDF Enterprise Items that is tied to a sales history record, the panel displays a message that the item cannot be deleted. The user can then run the Delete Validation Report to determine which records are tied to this item that prevent the validation. If the item no longer has manufacturing activity but had old sales history, the item can be deleted.

The Print/Calculate FIFO/LIFO/Average Program (VAL250B) has been changed to use five decimals in calculating amount fields. This has been done to improve the precision on the Period End Calculation Reports.

The fields, reports or areas impacted include:

  • Report and Generate FIFO Values, VAL200D
  • Working Value FIFO Calculation Report, VAL250O1
  • Report and Generate Average Values, VAL 210D
  • Working Average Values Calculation, VAL250O1
  • Report and Generate LIFO Values, VAL220D
  • Working Values LIFO Calculation, VAL250O2

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Tips: LN & Baan


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