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Is the Crossroads Analytics Dashboard Product Better than Spreadsheets?

Crossroads RMC 0 17606 Article rating: 5.0

You bet it is!

The Analytics Dashboard allows you to take your data and configure it any way you’d like, all without touching your ERP system! 

Any number of reports can be generated with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, full color graphs are automatically generated to illustrate the data being presented. Paper reports and Excel spreadsheets are dated. With Analytics Dashboard, data is refreshed at the touch of a button. 

Analytics Dashboard for Infor LN & Baan >
Analytics Dashboard for Infor LN, BPCS, & M3 >

MES News: Current trends indicate plants and factories are seeking to improve...

George Moroses 0 16023 Article rating: 5.0

Current trends indicate plants and factories are seeking to improve internal flexibility, implement a common information platform, and deliver real-time information. MES supports a variety of lean concepts on the plant floor, including kanban, waste reduction, load balancing, etc.  It maximizes your existing investment in your ERP system while embracing lean initiatives.  Visit our Crossroads MES page to learn more.

OTTO: Making plans happen isn’t just about monitoring material shortages

George Moroses 0 10212 Article rating: 5.0

Making plans happen isn’t just about monitoring material shortages. Supporting activities can be the real cause of delays. Some non-material events customers have monitored using OTTO include:

  • Scheduling and coordination of outside services (such as heat treating and plating)
  • Quality Assurance for pharmaceuticals and inspection
  • Moving off-site inventory to the plant
  • Moving inventory from temporary (conveyor) location to pickable location
  • Scheduling of overseas containers
  • Design engineering for make-to-order

OTTO provides the ability to proactively manage the entire customer order backlog from top to bottom. It begins monitoring orders as soon as they’re booked and identifies and prioritizes those critical events that must happen every day so they can be managed and get orders produced and shipped on time.

Visit Our OTTO page to learn more.

How Do I Determine If MES Is Right For My Business?

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There are certain key questions that must be answered to determine whether or not an MES system would benefit your organization: 

  • How do you analyze OEE?
  • Is there an opportunity to reduce WIP inventory, indirect labor, downtime, waste or scrap?
  • What is the cost and impact of producing and distributing shop paper including drawings and work instructions?
  • Would you like to go paperless on your shop floor?
  • How are your continuous improvement initiatives tied to your ERP?
  • Is Management requesting real time production status reporting via dashboards or drilldown reports?
  • What different “islands of automation” exist on your shop floor?

The answers to each of these questions could have a significant impact on the profitability of your business. Want to quantify your results? Contact George Moroses today to schedule your FREE MES ROI Analysis.

Consulting: Methodology for Infor LX & BPCS Upgrades

Anthony Etzel 0 20683 Article rating: 5.0

Throughout the years, Crossroads RMC has participated in several 4.0.05CD upgrades to LX, from which we had the opportunity to refine our methodology for CEA (Configurable Enterprise Accounting) implementations/upgrades. As a result, we have fine tuned our overall upgrade approach and have been very successful in implementing this approach with our clients.

CEA replaces the green screen GLD module and allows for considerable flexibility in the design of the COA (Chart of Accounts).

Our approach incorporates any changes that are needed in the COA and facilitates the transfer or replacement of Profit Centers and Account Codes from BPCS to LX, building on the existing GL. Among the issues we manage is the conversion of historical GL balances.

We maximize the use of LX and CEA while minimizing the manual effort that gets you there.

Contact Frank Petrasio to discuss how we can help you:

  • Preserve what works in BPCS
  • Optimize what works in LX

with a maximum of respect for your time and budget. Learn more about Crossroads RMC Consulting>

Infor LN & Baan Data Collection News: Crossroads RMC Cycle Counting Application

Kathy Barthelt 0 16098 Article rating: 5.0

How often are you counting your inventory? Are you sure your counts are accurate?  Are inaccurate counts affecting your ability to satisfy customer orders?

Crossroads RMC Cycle Counting Application gives you:

· Overall increased inventory accuracy

· Ability to review and approve count before direct update of Baan/LN tables

· Elimination of unnecessary re-orders of items with current inventory

· Greater ability to satisfy customer orders due to greater visibility to (accurate) inventory levels

· Direct labor cost savings – less staff required for count

· Increased productivity during count – with some of our customers, counts used to take weeks. They can now complete a count of all their inventory in one day.

Learn more: Crossroads RMC Data Collection - Web Collect 

Consulting News: ERP Implementation or Upgrade... Are You Prepared?

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There are several factors that need to be considered when undertaking a major project like an ERP implementation or upgrade. Before you look to others outside of your organization to provide the expertise needed, you need to first look internally to ensure that the right players are in place to lead the project and also ensure business continuity during the project.

  • Executive Sponsorship - Does Senior Management have a clear and well understood commitment to project success?
  • Strong Project Manager?
  • Core Team Functional Representation - Are the Team Members knowledgeable participants and able to keep the project moving forward?
  • User Community Support?
  • Motivation - Are the Team Members willing and able to provide the time needed for a large-scale implementation?

Do You need help figuring out if your organization is properly positioned for an implementation or upgrade? Contact us. We can help.

Infor OS Webinar: Developing ION API Authorized Applications Webinar – October 2, 2019

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Do you want to consume ION APIs but are confused by API security?

Do terms like authorization, consent, resource owner, authorized application, OAuth2 grants, tokens, and service account sound alien?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, join this free webinar to learn about these concepts and become a champion API consumer.

During this webinar, you will learn about: 

  • ION API Overview
  • API Security with OAuth2
  • Choosing OAuth2 grant
  • OAuth2 grant details
  • Reference Implementations and best practices
  • Q&A

Registration CLOSED


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Tips:  LX | BPCS | M3

Enterprise General Ledger (EGL) provides audit attributes to track journal entry changes and approvals.

To implement this enhancement, you can request and apply MR 81026.

This enhancement provides audit attributes for the last maintained user, date, time, and approval user, and date, and time on the Financial Journal Entry and Financial Journal Entry Lines. This audit function provides visibility to who and when the journal was last maintained and to who and when the journal was approved.

The programs or areas impacted include:

  • Financial Event
  • Financial Journal Entry
  • Financial Journal Entry Line
  • Financial Journal Entry Detail Line
  • Post Multiple Events

Did you know CLD provides you with the following benefits?

▪ You can journalize and post-transaction data from any third-party application or Infor LX subsystem to the Configurable Ledger (CLD).

▪ You can generate multiple journal entries across different charts of accounts, ledgers, and books within the CLD from one transaction line.

▪ You can automatically post transaction amounts across different books using an appropriate exchange rate between the batch transaction currency and target book currency.

▪ You can use validation reports to identify validation errors within the files that contain batch transaction data and then you can make any necessary corrections before resubmission.

▪ You can use standard CEA grouping and summarization options for journals created during Batch Transaction Processing.

▪ You can interface GLD journal entries into CEA for the BPCD version of Infor LX. This allows data to be interfaced into CEA without changing the way data is processed through Infor LX subsystems.


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Tips: LN | Baan

Watch this short video created by Infor which discusses the single/multi-logistic and finance concepts from Baan IV and Baan V and how that has changed in Infor LN with the introduction of Sites. With the Site concept and especially with the Job Shop by Site concept much more flexibility is provided.

Click to play Company versus Site Infor Video (16:19)


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