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What problem is OTTO addressing?

George Moroses 0 7112 Article rating: 5.0

Most manufacturers are being pressured to reduce delivery lead-times and rely on their planning systems to meet their commitments. This works very well if everything happens as planned. But planning by itself doesn’t make things happen, people and processes make things happen. This acceleration is putting tremendous pressure on key users like planners, schedulers, buyers and production supervisors. Not only are they struggling to meet daily commitments and relying on “brute force” solutions to get the job done but they can actually become unrecognized production constraints. Planning is more important than ever but is no longer sufficient to meet current challenges because the real challenge in meeting commitments isn't planning but in making plans happen.

This is where OTTO comes in - Learn More>

Analytics Dashboard: "The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." – Marcel Proust

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What have you discovered about your business recently? What benefits could “new eyes” bring to your business? Crossroads RMC's Analytics Dashboard could be the “new eyes” your business needs. Identify trends, problem areas, and more – all without touching your ERP system. 

Learn More about Dashboards for LN & Baan>
Learn More about Dashboards for LX, BPCS & M3>

RMClabel offers significant advantages over other third-party label printing software

Infor LN & Baan

Kathy Barthelt 0 22322 Article rating: 5.0

Since label information can be unique to a business, item, customer or functional area, RMClabel allows for an easy method to configure exactly what is needed on any type of label, including 1-D barcode, 2-D barcode and RFID labels. 

Built in label logic allows for automatic switching of label formats. RMClabel is built for Infor LN and Baan. It natively understands the table structures and easily integrates with any data collection application or Infor LN/Baan session

Why should I automate my processes?

LN & Baan

Kathy Barthelt 0 9698 Article rating: 5.0

The truth of the matter is that automation is a necessity in order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. The demand to do more with less is ever present. Automating your processes can give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Basic automation tools also help manufacturers track performance, such as cycle times, and order-to-delivery times, so that they can measure improvements. This tracking ability provides a historical record, as well as analytics that can be used to predict future needs. With this information, manufacturers can keep a close eye on trends in production orders, and use them to identify seasonal and customer buying trends and triggers. This insight can be helpful in planning for needed resources—from personnel to raw materials.

Read more > Manufacturing Industry Perspectives - Shop floor automation: A necessity for competitive manufacturing

Contact Kathy Barthelt today to discuss how Crossroads RMC can help you automate your processes and propel your business beyond the competition.


What do you get with IDF?

Infor Development Framework

George Moroses 0 7888 Article rating: 5.0

What do you get with IDF?

With Infor Development Framework (IDF), you can configure your view of the application data without modifying the core application and its supportability. Included with IDF are several interfaces including:

• PowerLink – A Windows-based client for end users

• Link Manager – A Windows-based environment administration client for importing environments, starting and stopping environment, and installing Fix Patches.

• Net-Link – A browser-based client (used by LX when running with SiW)

• System-Link – A XML-based interface for processing transactions from external sources.

The IDF ISO includes several components:

• All of the above interfaces

• Enterprise Integrator – for customizing IDF components and creating new business objects

• EGLi – Enterprise General Ledger 

• CRMi – Customer Relationship Management 

If you already have IDF installed for Infor LX 8.3.x, then it must be upgraded to a level that is compatible with LX 8.4. IDF PTFs and Fix Patches are required. See the Infor LX IDF 06.03.05 Installation and Upgrade Guide for details.

OTTO Q&A from the Director of Planning & Technology at Champion Industries

George Moroses 0 7380 Article rating: 5.0

1.  How difficult is it to initially install OTTO?

Dead easy is the straight answer. We relied on you to install, and you installed in the predicted 1 hour.  

2.  Would you install it on a test system or on the production system?

Production system is another easy answer. I use OTTO as the ideal prototype when talking to business contacts about “add-on” products. It is non-invasive; it only reads data from our ERP files. I know the implementation is 100% safe because no ERP files are ever updated (read corrupted) by OTTO.

3.  How difficult was it to implement OTTO? Was there a negative impact on daily operations?

There is a learning curve involved in using any new tool that has value to add. OTTO implementation is very low on the impact scale, but I would strongly recommend that a prospective client plan on investing in education and practice. OTTO implementation is low impact. No valuable tool is “no impact”.

Click here to learn more about OTTO


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Display Customer Type on Order Header Panel – 8.4. Enhancement

This enhancement displays the Customer Type on the Order Header – Billing panel. The Customer Type can be a pricing or promotion qualifier and may convey other important information about the ordering customer during the Order Entry process.

Programs or areas impacted include:

  • Order Header – Billing (ORD700D9)

This enhancement allows users to restrict access to purchase order print programs, providing additional security at the company and warehouse levels.

The purchase order print programs were updated to provide security validation for the user who selects the purchase orders to print. The security validation is controlled by the PO Print Security Validation flag on the Purchasing System Parameters screen, PUR820D-04.


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Tips: LN | Baan

One way to save space in your general ledger is to compress integration transactions. The transactions are combined into one ledger account number, and the detail is still available in the integration transactions sessions.

The compression is seen after the transactions are finalized. 

Compression is established in the mapping scheme by checking the box under the columns “Compression of Debit/Credit Transactions. This can only be done in a mapping scheme that is not activated. 


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