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IDF News: IDF Maintenance

George Moroses 0 11347 Article rating: 5.0

The Infor Development Framework (IDF) provides two options that you can use to review information about jobs that are in the job queue or underway at the workstations and change the status of unattached jobs or review detailed information for specific unattached jobs.

                Option 5 – Job Status Maintenance: Use this option to review information about jobs that are in the job queue or underway at the workstations. You can also delete records of jobs in the Job Activity (JOBACT) file.

                Option 6 – Unattached Job Status Maintenance: Use this option to change the status of an unattached job. You can also review detail information for a selected unattached job.

About 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. This extends into the ERP software realm, too.

Infor LX & BPCS

George Moroses 0 14462 Article rating: 5.0

Graphical representation makes complex concepts—like the intricacies of an ERP system—more universal, relatable and easy to understand.

ERP dashboards gather and visualize critical metrics from across the organization, offering insight into the performance, outlook and interconnectivity of business processes.

By setting up ERP dashboards that illustrate key metrics and compellingly communicate operational performance, key stakeholders will have a clear picture of the health of the business—and make better, more informed business decisions as a result.

The Crossroads Analytics Dashboard has preconfigured views for all of the following:

 Infor LX & BPCS
  • Sales Bookings (ECH)
  • Accounts Receivable (RAR)
  • Accounts Payable (APH)
  • Planned Orders (KFP)
  • Purchasing (HPH)
  • Shop Order Material (FMA)
  • Shop Order Operations (FOD)
  • CEA
  • Order Booking (ECS)
  • Labor History (FLT)
  • Sales History (SIH)
  • Material Status (IIM/ILI)

To learn more visit our Analytic Dashboard webpage.

Consulting News: How do I identify the processes that impact my ERP upgrade?

Crossroads RMC 0 17779 Article rating: 5.0

Identify all of the processes that impact my ERP upgrade

  • Identify all current users that transact/execute transactions
    • List users by transaction type/functional area
    • List users by shift worked (off-shift resources often support multiple areas/functions)
    • List users by time frame of use (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually)
  • Identify all users that receive reports from the system
    • List last run date of all reports, queries and owners
  • Identify all data extract programs/routines
    • Downloads to Excel/Access databases
    • Downloads to Labor / Payroll Reporting Systems
    • Downloads to Assets Management Systems
    • Downloads to Third Party Logistics partners
    • EDI messages for requirements downloads to vendors
    • EDI Input for Order Entry, ASN, and Quotes.
    • Downloads/uploads to vendor Quality Management Systems

Infor LN & Baan: Is Your House All In Order?

Kathy Barthelt 0 10866 Article rating: 5.0

Have you successfully closed all of the fiscal, tax and reporting periods for 2019 and closed the year? Sometimes this task hangs out there looming because either people don’t know what needs to be done, or there is a fear there are going to be problems.

Let Crossroads RMC’s expert finance consulting team help you through this.

Move into 2020 with ease! Contact Kathy Barthelt today to put together a plan for your close.

Join us in St. Louis for inPOWER 2020!

inPower 2020

George Moroses 0 7358 Article rating: 5.0

We can’t wait to see you this May at the PREMIER event for Infor LX & BPCS users! Join us for the conference and a special customer appreciation event!

Why attend?

  • Participate in exclusive training sessions
  • Attend user experience and industry presentations on topics relevant to your business
  • View new product demos to give you the tools needed to tackle issues we all share

Click here to register and please let us know that you will be attending!

What is the right balance of KPIs to make sure your production line is running at peak performance?

Analytics Dashboard

Crossroads RMC 0 10511 Article rating: 5.0

How can we make sure the production line is running at peak performance?

One very effective way is to put the right balance of production KPIs in place. Some of these are leading indicator KPIs that help provide insight into future performance and some are results KPIs that tell you how you have done. It is good to have both.

Check out this list of 21 examples of KPI indicators for 2020 to help improve manufacturing performance.

Analytics Dashboard for Infor LN & Baan
Analytics Dashboard for Infor LX, BPCS & Infor M3

Consulting News: It's Time for the Crossroads RMC Utilization Review

Frank Petrasio 0 16260 Article rating: 5.0

If your business requirements and resources have undergone a major change since your original implementation, it is time to take a look at your ERP system to see if it is being utilized properly.

The Crossroads RMC Utilization Review is designed to work with your people to identify the best way to apply the powerful capabilities within the Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Financial modules within the Infor LX and BPCS software to best suit the needs of your business, not only today, but in years to come.

Learn more> 

Contact Frank Petrasio today to schedule your review so that you can get 2020 started on the right foot!


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Tips:  LX | BPCS | M3

Display Customer Type on Order Header Panel – 8.4. Enhancement

This enhancement displays the Customer Type on the Order Header – Billing panel. The Customer Type can be a pricing or promotion qualifier and may convey other important information about the ordering customer during the Order Entry process.

Programs or areas impacted include:

  • Order Header – Billing (ORD700D9)

This enhancement allows users to restrict access to purchase order print programs, providing additional security at the company and warehouse levels.

The purchase order print programs were updated to provide security validation for the user who selects the purchase orders to print. The security validation is controlled by the PO Print Security Validation flag on the Purchasing System Parameters screen, PUR820D-04.


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Tips: LN | Baan

One way to save space in your general ledger is to compress integration transactions. The transactions are combined into one ledger account number, and the detail is still available in the integration transactions sessions.

The compression is seen after the transactions are finalized. 

Compression is established in the mapping scheme by checking the box under the columns “Compression of Debit/Credit Transactions. This can only be done in a mapping scheme that is not activated. 


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