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Infor LX & BPCS Tip: Special Functions

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Use F14 from a menu to display the Special Functions screen, SYS50007.
From this pop-up screen you can access the following menu options:

  • JCDA Maintenance (SYS010D)
  • Display Output Queue
  • Display User Output
  • Send Messages
  • Display Messages
  • Display Job Log
  • Display Submitted Jobs
  • Display Remembered Keys
  • Menu Maintenance (SYS147)
  • Menu Print (SYS148)

This menu is only available from the character0based user interface. Infor Webtop users can access programs from the Quick Launch Menu.

Infor LX & BPCS Materials Tip: Unique ID Generator / Unique Sequence Number

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Serial Number Unique ID Generator - The new Serial Number Unique ID Generator program (INV599B3) is used to generate a unique value that groups a set of serial numbers that should be treated as part of a single, comprehensive set of inventory transactions.

Assign Unique Sequence Number - The new Assign Unique Sequence Number program (SYS046B) is used by any program that posts an inventory transaction, that is, writes an...

Infor LX & BPCS Manufacturing Tip: Production Register Listing

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Use the Production Register Listing screen, JIT610D1-01, to print an edit list of the labor tickets that you added or updated. Use this report to see the data to post before you actually perform the update. After you print the edit list, you can go back to Production Reporting (JIT600) and change the data before you post the batch. The program assigns a number to each production report that you posted in JIT600. You can use JIT600 to reference the production report that you want to update. Access: Specify Post on Production Reporting, JIT600D1-01.

Infor LX & BPCS Finance Tip: Items without costs, CST101D

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This program generates an uncosted items listing for the specified facility and cost set. You can use this report as an exception listing to identify those items that are currently maintained at zero cost or new items that require entry prior to cost rollup in Cost Set Rollup, CST500.

If a facility-specific component cost does not exist for a parent being rolled up, zero cost is rolled up for the component. When a new parent item is being rolled up for the first time, the audit report for Cost Rollup, CST500, displays a warning wherever a component cost is zero. Rolling up the parent cost again does not display a message for zero component costs.

Access: Menu CST01

Infor LX & BPCS Tip: What items should be MPS planned vs. MRP planned?

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Master Scheduled Items are those items that are finished goods, or service items, that receive their requirements either specifically from Independent demand, or both Dependent and Independent demand.

  • Independent Demand is demand that cannot be calculated from higher-level demand in the product structure, and therefore must be either a forecast or an actual customer order (Finished Goods or Service parts sold to customers).
  • Dependent demand.....

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Display Customer Type on Order Header Panel – 8.4. Enhancement

This enhancement displays the Customer Type on the Order Header – Billing panel. The Customer Type can be a pricing or promotion qualifier and may convey other important information about the ordering customer during the Order Entry process.

Programs or areas impacted include:

  • Order Header – Billing (ORD700D9)

This enhancement allows users to restrict access to purchase order print programs, providing additional security at the company and warehouse levels.

The purchase order print programs were updated to provide security validation for the user who selects the purchase orders to print. The security validation is controlled by the PO Print Security Validation flag on the Purchasing System Parameters screen, PUR820D-04.


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One way to save space in your general ledger is to compress integration transactions. The transactions are combined into one ledger account number, and the detail is still available in the integration transactions sessions.

The compression is seen after the transactions are finalized. 

Compression is established in the mapping scheme by checking the box under the columns “Compression of Debit/Credit Transactions. This can only be done in a mapping scheme that is not activated. 


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