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Life Hacks

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In a world of life hacks and daily routines, we are all looking for ways to be more productive with less time and fewer people.

Check out support services designed your way by Crossroads RMC.

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Learn more about our popular customizable support plans that make it simple to log cases, track usage, schedule meetings, live chat, and review Infor resources:

Infor LN>

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Infor LN & Baan Tip: Using the “Use Up” Functionality in Infor LN

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To use the ‘Use-Up’ or ‘Alternative’ functionality the correct ATP settings of the use-up item must be defined. Order Planning makes use of ATP to determine if there is still supply available. The component needs to have a CTP horizon greater than 0. Then a top down item selection should be chosen when generating order planning in order for the ATP checks to be done and for the system to plan for the correct components.

Selecting the 'top down item' box when generating order planning is essential because when order planning is generated for only the top level item the components aren't "really" planned for. But when a top down selection is run, the system goes through the BOM and plans for each component accordingly.

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Financial Integration Mapping Scheme

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Transactions to be mapped - In the mapping scheme, you must define the ledger mapping and the dimension mapping for these types of transactions:

  1. Financial integration transactions resulting from logistic events in Operations Management.
  2. General Ledger transactions.
  3. Procurement card transactions in Accounts Payable.

In addition, to support dimension accounting...

Is it time to get more out of Infor LN & Baan?

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As crazy as it sounds, we’re about to enter the 4th Quarter of 2021. How are you doing on your 2021 goals? Planning for 2022 projects? Maybe it's time to get more out of your Infor ERP system.


Is an upgrade to the latest version of Infor LN the goal for 2022? If so, Crossroads RMC brings 35+ years of industry experience to the table to ensure that your upgrade achieves the results you’re looking for and does so on time and on budget. Our goal is to delight your users and maximize the efficiencies that your business can gain from implementing best-of-breed business practices.

Crossroads RMC's team of expert consultants will...

Infor LN & BaanTip: Restructuring Your Warehouse

Am I able to remove a warehouse location?

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You may want to restructure your warehouse with new bin codes and new bin characteristics. You will not undertake this kind of activity very often, but situations can occur where a reclassification is necessary to achieve or maintain a more efficient operation. In this case, you may want to remove a given warehouse location. It can be done, but you must be aware of the following:

A location cannot be removed if any of these conditions exist:

  1. Any outstanding inbound advice for the item.
  2. Any outstanding outbound advice for the item.
  3. Any unprocessed cycle counting order/adjustment order lines.
  4. Any cycle counting data.

Infor LN & Baan: Integration from UPS® or FedEx®

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What do you do when there is no pre-built integration from UPS® or FedEx® to your ERP system?

Call Crossroads RMC, of course!

That’s how one of our Infor LN customers solved their cloud implementation dilemma. Crossroads RMC partnered to streamline their shipping process on Infor LN 10.5.2 in the cloud. Four sites went live with RMCship in 2019 and as a result, they have increased accuracy by eliminating manual steps and streamlining their operations.

Learn more> or for more information please contact Kathy Barthelt,  1.630.955.1310 x113

Infor LN & Baan: Your ERP System Lies at the Heart of Your Business

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How Infor LN & Baan is utilized is critical to operating a stable, well understood, and effective business system. Knowing the current state of your system will enable you to make decisions to either better utilize your current ERP version or upgrade.

Crossroads RMC’s Infor ERP Utilization Review flushes out issues and areas for improvement. If your business requirements or your resources have undergone major changes since your original implementation, it is time to take a look at your ERP system to see if it is being utilized properly. The review is designed to work with your people to identify the best way to apply the powerful capabilities within the Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Financial modules within the Infor LN and Baan software to best suit the needs of your business, not only today but in years to come.

Learn more> or for more information please contact Kathy Barthelt,  1.630.955.1310 x113


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