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Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: In Transit Inventory Report – LN 10.7

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A new In-Transit Inventory report can be printed in the Print In-Transit Inventory (whinr1410m300) session. The report provides an overview of company inventory that is on the move and not stored in a warehouse. This concerns only inventory that is transferred from one warehouse to another. Items that are shipped to, for example, customers or projects, or items that are issued to production lines or service departments are excluded.

The report shows item inventory....

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: New Inventory Aging Analysis Report – 10.7

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A new standard Inventory Aging report can be printed in the Perform Inventory Aging Analysis (whina1440m000) session. This report is mainly based on the physical incoming and outgoing inventory movements and transactions. The date of inventory consumption or issue is compared to the date of receipt. If inventory is not yet issued, a reference date is used for aging calculation.

The report includes this information:

  • Which inventory items are not frequently used or are obsolete.
  • How long items have been stored in a warehouse.
  • Inventory and transaction values. This facilitates the financial auditing process.

To use this new feature, an inventory aging analysis definition must be available in the Inventory Aging Analysis Definition (whina1140m000) session.

What do you do when there is no pre-built Infor integration from UPS or FedEx to your LN system?

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Call Crossroads RMC, of course! 

That’s how one of our Infor LN customers solved their cloud implementation dilemma. Crossroads RMC partnered to streamline their shipping process on Infor LN 10.5.2 in the cloud. Four sites went live with RMCship in 2019 and as a result, they have increased accuracy by eliminating manual steps and streamlining their operations.

Contact Crossroads RMC today to get started 800.762.2077

Your Enterprise Resource Planning software lies at the heart of your business

Infor LN & Baan

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How Infor LN & Baan is utilized is critical to operating a stable, well understood, and effective business system. Knowing the current state of your system will enable you to make decisions to either better utilize your current ERP version or upgrade.

Crossroads RMC’s ERP Assessment helps you to flush out issues and areas for improvement. Our findings have resulted in minor procedural changes to a full reimplementation, or system upgrade to Infor LN. If your business requirements and your resources have undergone major change since your original implementation, it is time to take a look at your Infor ERP system to see if it is being utilized properly. The Crossroads RMC Utilization Review is designed to work with your people to identify the best way to apply the powerful capabilities within the Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Financial modules within the LN/Baan software to best suit the needs of your business, not only today, but in years to come.

Learn more>

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: What is the LN Report Designer and what is required to use it?

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The main purpose of the Report Designer is to enable changes to the design of a 4GL application report, without modifying the standard report or using an external reporting solution. The changes are stored as personalizations. Therefore, the effort that is required to implement changes, after the standard is updated, is reduced.

You can also generate new reports that are based on a selection of fields from the application data model. These reports are generated in the extensibility package. You can personalize these reports in the Report Designer, or modify them in LN Studio.

  • The Report Designer is available with LN 10.5 and later.
  • Enterprise Server 10.6 is required.
  • The Report Designer is only supported in LN UI.

Note:  On LN 10.5 you must re-compile the reports once with Enterprise Server 10.6 to enable them for the Report Designer.

Infor LN & Baan Integrations:

It's okay, you can admit it. You have spreadsheets and separate databases that you’re keeping on the side that may or may not be tied to Baan/LN.

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Do you wish they were integrated so that you didn’t have to manually go into each system to report on the data or look up information? Are you running into problems because you don’t have exposure to all of the data that is critical to running your business?

Crossroads RMC has a team of integration experts who can create the integration you’ve been dreaming about… AND we have developed RMCconnector to allow for quick and easy translation data from your front end system into a format accepted by your back end ERP. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you eliminate those spreadsheets and tie those “one-off” systems directly to your ERP system. 800.762.2077


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