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Infor ERP Tip: Top 5 Ways Modern Analytics Reduces Spreadsheet Risk & Inefficiency

Infor LX | BPCS | Infor LN | Baan

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Spreadsheets are often the tool of choice for many organizations to store and arrange information for financial planning, analytics, compliance, and more. Ironically, for many business processes that involve managing data, it creates the exact opposite effect––silos of information and inefficiency. And because it stores organizational data in a readily sharable way, there is a high risk of exposing confidential information.

Read this Infor best practice guide to discover the top five business processes that a modern data and analytics architecture can automate and deliver far more value than spreadsheet-driven techniques.

Infor Best Practice Guide: 5 Ways Modern Analytics Reduces Spreadsheet Risk and Inefficiency

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Cost Component Setup

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To break down an item’s standard cost, sales price, or valuation price, use cost components. With cost components, you can compare estimated and actual costs, calculate production variances, and analyze costs in Standard Cost Calculation.

If cost components are set up in a detailed way, detailed records...

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Project Status Options

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Ever wonder what the implications are of choosing one project status versus another?

Here is the explanation of project status possible values:

You can carry out project engineering. This means that you can:

  • Define the project master schedule (PMS) by using the Project Control module.
  • Maintain the project structure.
  • Maintain the customized product structure by using customized bills of material and routing sheets.
  • Carry out project estimating.

You simulate the rough capacity requirements planning...

Infor LN & Baan Tip: LN Order Management - Generating Purchase Receipts

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The purpose of the option to "Generate" is to insert purchase order lines automatically into the purchase receipt. As part of the automatic process, all receipt lines are also automatically confirmed. The option should be used when large orders are received.   

If necessary, received quantities that are not correct can be adjusted through session Correct Purchase Receipt (tdpur4106s100).

Alternative: From the purchase order lines menu the option...

Infor ERP Tip of the Week: 5 Steps to Managing Sales Tax

Infor LX | BPCS | Infor LN | Baan

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The world of sales tax is constantly changing and can be extremely confusing, but getting it right is crucial to your company’s success. As your business evolves, your sales tax obligations may also change. Through it all, there are typically five steps involved in maintaining sales tax compliance. Review the steps below to understand your complete sales tax picture.

Step 1: Know where your business must collect...

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Defining “Unavailability” in Infor LN

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This topic describes the definition of temporary unavailability for resources in a calendar.

Use one of the following sessions:

  • Recurring unavailability
    For recurring unavailability, such as national holidays, define the recurrence in the Recurrences (tcccp0143m000) session. Add that recurrence to the applicable calendar and...

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Porting Set Issues

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Are you on the latest porting set for your version of Baan or Infor LN?

Here are some issues you might run into if you stay on an old porting set too long:

  • Incompatibility because of operating system patches
  • Printing issues because of out-of-date libraries
  • Potential performance issues if binaries are not updated
  • Updating...

Infor LN & Baan | Infor LX & BPCS Tip: Time for the dreaded three words?

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Manual     Physical     Inventory

While it may be accurate (and I say MAY), is a Manual Physical Inventory the right way? Best practices would say absolutely not!

The better way is implementing Cycle Counting. Why Cycle Counting instead of a full physical inventory? With a cycle count, the count focuses on a selected range of stock that can be carried out in parallel with a company’s normal operations. Cycle Counts represent a streamlined method of inventory management to ensure less disruption on the business processes associated with receiving, consuming, or dispatching of stock. 

The “freeze” is no longer required, your staff doesn't need to work long hours over the holidays, and you get accurate inventory counts all year long! Crossroads RMC can help you implement Cycle Counting efficiently and painlessly, contact us today to get started. 800.762.2077


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Tips:  LX | BPCS | M3

Determining whether to use Master Production Schedule (MPS) planning or Material Requirements Planning (MRP) planning for items in Infor LX and BPCS involves understanding the nature of the items and their demand characteristics.

Master Scheduled Items typically encompass finished goods or service items. These items receive their requirements either from Independent demand, Dependent demand, or a combination of both...

Advanced Remittance Processing, ARP, provides an automated approach to your cash application process. ARP works together with Accounts Receivable to save valuable time and resources by automatically applying incoming payments to open receivables during daily batch processing. You can easily and efficiently resolve unapplied remittances online.

Advanced Remittance Processing (ARP) is an automatic cash application process that allows you to perform the following functions:


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Tips: LN | Baan

Are you striving to create shipping labels that cater to all your customers' needs? Do you require specific details on your shipping labels for particular items or product lines?

According to recent research, the global barcode label printer market was valued at $2.6 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach $4.3 billion by 2032, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.2% from 2023 to 2032.

Crossroads RMC's RMClabel software automates the printing of customer-specific and item-specific labels...

Ensuring access to historical logistical and financial transaction information for your employees is crucial. However, before proceeding with archiving or deletion, it's essential to evaluate the necessity of retaining this data. Baan and Infor LN (ERP LN) offer standard archiving sessions within major modules that typically handle a significant volume of historical transactions. These sessions are designed to transfer historical data to an archive company before deleting it from the operational company.

When it comes to archiving sessions, you have three primary options:


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