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Partner News: Avalara’s 2020 sales tax changes webinar is now available

George Moroses 0 7793 Article rating: 5.0

Now that 2020 has arrived, it's time to make sure you’re prepared for all of the changes that 2019 brought in the world of sales tax.

Avalara’s 2020 Sales Tax Changes Webinar is now available to arm you with knowledge on the biggest changes that have taken effect, plus give you a preview of the changes we anticipate this year. 

In this webinar you’ll hear Scott Peterson, Avalara’s VP of U.S. Tax Policy, cover:

  • The current state of sales and use tax in the U.S.
  • Which states have enacted economic nexus, and what’s expected to change in 2020
  • New requirements for marketplace sellers (Amazon, Etsy, etc.)
  • A look at cross-border ecommerce and what international sellers must know about sales tax 

Avalara 2020 Sales Tax Changes Webinar>

Avalara isn't only tax calculation and returns filing....

Baan & Infor LN

Kathy Barthelt 0 15524 Article rating: 5.0

Did you know that in addition to tax calculation and returns filing, Avalara can also help with:

  • Business license and tax registration
  • Streamlined Sales Tax qualification
  • Nexus analysis and compliance
  • Tax document management including exemption certificates
  • Audit preparation

Contact us today! We partner closely with Avalara to provide you with solutions on ALL version of Baan and Infor LN!

Want a way to convert IBM i ® spool files into full-color, professional forms that are output as PDF documents?

Anthony Etzel 0 11106 Article rating: 5.0

Want a way to convert IBM i ® spool files into full-color, professional forms that are output as PDF documents?

Crossroads RMC and TL Ashford can help you get there!

TLAForms provide a reliable, feature-rich, cost-effective forms solution for IBM i, with no programming required!

Contact Anthony Etzel for more info: 1.630.955.1310, x125 or

Crossroads RMC Forms Strategic Partnership with CTN Global

Crossroads RMC 0 13875 Article rating: 5.0

Crossroads RMC is proud to announce a new partnership with CTN Global. CTN Global is a leading provider of ERP implementation services in Latin America and Infor’s 2019 Cloud Partner of the Year.

This partnership extends Crossroads RMC customer service and support to our Infor LN and Infor LX customers in Latin America. CTN Global has over 20 years of experience in the ERP space, and over 100 clients globally. CTN Global is headquartered in Columbia with other locations in the Iberian Peninsula and Venezuela.

Crossroads RMC is proud to partner with an American manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare

Integrated freight management solution for Infor LN 10.5.2 Cloud implementation

Kathy Barthelt 0 14895 Article rating: 5.0

An American manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare has selected the RMCship solution from Crossroads RMC to streamline their shipping process on Infor LN 10.5.2 in the cloud. They went live with one site running RMCship in June of 2019 and 3 more sites to follow by end of year. They will use RMCship to increase accuracy by eliminating manual steps and streamlining their operations.


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Display Customer Type on Order Header Panel – 8.4. Enhancement

This enhancement displays the Customer Type on the Order Header – Billing panel. The Customer Type can be a pricing or promotion qualifier and may convey other important information about the ordering customer during the Order Entry process.

Programs or areas impacted include:

  • Order Header – Billing (ORD700D9)

This enhancement allows users to restrict access to purchase order print programs, providing additional security at the company and warehouse levels.

The purchase order print programs were updated to provide security validation for the user who selects the purchase orders to print. The security validation is controlled by the PO Print Security Validation flag on the Purchasing System Parameters screen, PUR820D-04.


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Tips: LN | Baan

One way to save space in your general ledger is to compress integration transactions. The transactions are combined into one ledger account number, and the detail is still available in the integration transactions sessions.

The compression is seen after the transactions are finalized. 

Compression is established in the mapping scheme by checking the box under the columns “Compression of Debit/Credit Transactions. This can only be done in a mapping scheme that is not activated. 


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