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PDIC Goes Live with Crossroads MES

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PDIC, a leading producer of wire products, went live with the Crossroads MES solution on June 30th,2014. PDIC needed a better way to deploy and report shop floor information to BPCS 6.02. Their goal was to eliminate all their manual reporting and position themselves to take advantage of the Crossroads Dashboards.

Baan/LN Tip of the Week: Negative Inventory

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If Location Control is turned on in Baan IV, then inventory should never be negative.

If Location Control is not turned on in Baan IV, and the parameter “Negative Inventory Allowed” in INV Parameters is set to “NO”, then inventory should never be negative.

In Baan V and LN, the parameters in Inventory Handling Parameters determine whether you can have negative inventory. If these parameters are set to “NO”, then inventory should never be negative.

BPCS/LX Tip of the Week: Establish Costing For Purchased Items

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How Does Infor LX Establish Costing For Purchased Items?

In LX, you will establish a standard cost (you define the standard) that LX will use for the purchase items. You also need to establish in LX the Cost Type, the Cost Bucket, and the Cost Set needed for cost accounting.

BPCS/LX Tip of the Week: Alternate Items

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How can I use an alternate item on a shop order?

The best way is to have the approved alternate item appear on the Bill of Material just after the standard item with a zero required quantity. Now the alternate item will appear on the Shop Order. So, if the standard item is not available, the alternate item can be issued to the shop order.

When the shop order is closed out, one item will have an unfavorable variance while the other shows a favorable variance. This is an easy way to provide alternate items provided engineering approves and they are part of the Bill of Material.

Crossroads MES Version 11 Released

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Crossroads MES Version 11 was rolled out in March, 2014. Some of the new features include a new GUI interface, improved End of Shift review functions, pre-formatted production label printing, and an electronic shop packet on the factory worker Job In screen.

Crossroads MES Released for Tablet

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Crossroads RMC announces that the Crossroads MES solution is now compatible with tablet PCs running Windows 8.1. Tablet PCs are becoming the clipboard replacement for supervisors and managers to monitor what’s happening on the shop floor.


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Enterprise General Ledger (EGL) provides audit attributes to track journal entry changes and approvals.

To implement this enhancement, you can request and apply MR 81026.

This enhancement provides audit attributes for the last maintained user, date, time, and approval user, and date, and time on the Financial Journal Entry and Financial Journal Entry Lines. This audit function provides visibility to who and when the journal was last maintained and to who and when the journal was approved.

The programs or areas impacted include:

  • Financial Event
  • Financial Journal Entry
  • Financial Journal Entry Line
  • Financial Journal Entry Detail Line
  • Post Multiple Events

Did you know CLD provides you with the following benefits?

▪ You can journalize and post-transaction data from any third-party application or Infor LX subsystem to the Configurable Ledger (CLD).

▪ You can generate multiple journal entries across different charts of accounts, ledgers, and books within the CLD from one transaction line.

▪ You can automatically post transaction amounts across different books using an appropriate exchange rate between the batch transaction currency and target book currency.

▪ You can use validation reports to identify validation errors within the files that contain batch transaction data and then you can make any necessary corrections before resubmission.

▪ You can use standard CEA grouping and summarization options for journals created during Batch Transaction Processing.

▪ You can interface GLD journal entries into CEA for the BPCD version of Infor LX. This allows data to be interfaced into CEA without changing the way data is processed through Infor LX subsystems.


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Tips: LN | Baan

Kathy Barthelt

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Company versus Site

Watch this short video created by Infor which discusses the single/multi-logistic and finance concepts from Baan IV and Baan V and how that has changed in Infor LN with the introduction of Sites. With the Site concept and especially with the Job Shop by Site concept much more flexibility is provided.

Click to play Company versus Site Infor Video (16:19)

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