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Managing the Inventory Risk

Infor LN & Baan

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Proper Inventory Management & Planning is not for the weak!

Any of these ever happen to you?

  • My supplier can’t provide the raw materials I need when I need them because I waited too long to order.
  • I underestimated how much raw material I had on hand and now my customer’s order is waiting on hold until I can get the parts I need.
  • I couldn’t meet the desired delivery date for my customer’s order, so they took their business somewhere else.
  • I ordered too many raw materials or made too many sub-assemblies because I didn’t have good visibility to my on-hand inventory.


You’ve got a handle on your inventory requirements, right? Are you confident you can handle a rush order, or ten rush orders?

Baan & LN Add-Ons

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RMCbuild gives you the ability to report a component’s gross requirement, shortage, on-hand inventory, on-order inventory, allocated inventory, inspected inventory, production or work orders due to replenish component inventory, buyer or planner, and/or item group… and more.

RMCbuild takes all the surprise and guess work out of inventory planning. Give your employees the tools they need to do their job effectively.


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