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Effective September 30, 2023, IBM® will end support of the IBM i operating system 7.3

AND Infor will no longer support LX and related products on IBM i 7.3 as of June 1, 2024

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THE CLOCK is T I C K I N G ... 

Effective September 30, 2023, IBM® will end support of the IBM i operating system 7.3  AND  in line with IBM’s support policy, Infor will no longer support LX and related products on IBM i 7.3 after May 31, 2024.

All Infor LX releases, patches, and related solutions will be...

Optimize with Infor Development Framework: IDF

Infor LX | BPCS | M3

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Why You Need IDF

The Infor Development Framework (IDF) not only helps you modernize the look and feel of your LX software but also the interactions of the IBM i software with other applications in your business.

“The IDF is a multi-user interface, single codebase architecture that’s metadata-driven (and) provides a lot of flexibility to adapt the software for their processes.” says Infor. This is the direction that Infor is going starting...

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Company versus Site

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Watch this short video created by Infor which discusses the single/multi-logistic and finance concepts from Baan IV and Baan V and how that has changed in Infor LN with the introduction of Sites. With the Site concept and especially with the Job Shop by Site concept much more flexibility is provided.

Click to play Company versus Site Infor Video (16:19)


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Tips:  LX | BPCS | M3

You can see the status of the Shop Order when using SFC300 Shop Order Inquiry. You want to be sure that your shop orders are at the correct status in order to report against them.

The following are the shop order status codes:

04 = The Shop order has been entered.

05 = The Shop order has been released and printed.

14 = The Shop order has been released, but not printed. If a shop order is at this status, you have released it and it is not printed due to a system failure, or the order has been put on hold.

XX = The Shop order is closed.

For either file, you must specify a valid location code as defined in the Location Master File.

If the machine master locations are blank, then the work center locations are used. There are cases where you may want to do a combination between the two in defining the locations.

Let’s say the end item has one operation. The operation is at work center 510 and Machine A is in the work center. You have locations setup in both the Work center file and the Machine master File. You report 100 complete at the work center without specifying the machine.

In this case, the inventory will be processed based on the locations defined in the work center file. If the transaction included the machine number, then the locations in the machine file would be used.

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Tips: LN | Baan

There are restrictions for the use of the field Allow Backflushing:/ Item – Production by Site (tiipd0151m100)

The option is unavailable if the option Direct Initiate Inventory is set. Serialized items can only be backflushed if in the Items - Warehousing (whwmd4500m000) details session the Serials in Inventory check box is cleared, and the Register Serial Issue During As Built field is Yes. In all other cases, serialized items cannot be backflushed.

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