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Is your company on an older version of Infor LX, BPCS, Infor LN, Baan, Infor M3 or Movex?

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What will you do when your ERP is no longer supported in 2021?

This is a confusing time for many companies with respect to their ERP system.

"Will I still be able to run my current version?"
"What happens if I want to stay on my version?"
"What options do I have?"

Crossroads RMC is here to help you sort through the confusion and get you to a place where you feel confident about your ERP future.

Let's get started with how we can help. I want Crossroads RMC to…

  • Conduct an Infor ERP Utilization Review – Should I consider moving to the latest version of LX in the cloud, or on prem? If I don’t, what are my options?
  • Set up an Infor ERP Demo System – I want to give my employees a chance to try out the latest version to see if it would be of benefit.
  • Train My Employees – I want to ensure that we’re operating based on best practices.
  • Integrate My ERP to External Systems – My company uses separate systems that don’t talk to one another and that is really inefficient.
  • Brainstorm With Me – I’m not sure what to do. I need to talk through some scenarios with someone who has been there, done that.
  • Support My Users – I’m short-staffed. I may upgrade, or I may stay where I’m at. Either way, I could use someone to handle our ERP issues. Please help!

Contact us at 800.762.2077 or click here to request a free phone consultation and we'll get you back on track.

Infor's Support Schedule for Infor LN & Baan

How Crossroads RMC can help

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Infor recently announced their support schedule for all versions of Infor LN & Baan.

Not sure what your company’s strategy should be moving forward?

Let us help you figure out the best path forward for YOUR company. Our goal is to put you on a path that ensures that you are supported and that your needs are met today and in the future without breaking the bank. Visit our Services page to learn more>

How Are Your 2019 Goals? Get More Out of Your ERP!

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We’re ½ way through the 3rd Quarter of 2019 already! How are you doing with your 2019 goals?

Maybe it's time to get more out of your ERP system:
  • Need assistance implementing new functionality in your ERP?
  • Looking to train new employees, or retrain existing employees?
  • Time to automate your most time-consuming processes?
  • Interested in a web-based application for your users or external customers/suppliers?

Learn How Crossroads RMC Can Help!

Infor and Crossroads RMC Partner to Drive Success at Ridewell

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Earlier this year, Ridewell Corporation inked a deal with Infor to move their BPCS 4.05 CD system to Infor LX. As part of that deal, Crossroads RMC’s MES software was selected to provide shop floor automation. 

For the ERP upgrade, Infor reached out to Crossroads RMC to provide support for both Finance and Data Conversion due to our positive track record with 4.05 CD to LX migrations. Crossroads RMC has extensive migration experience and developed a methodology for converting legacy 4.05 CD GL into CEA. 

The process Crossroads RMC developed makes it cleaner, more manageable, and easy to embrace from the client perspective. Infor also engaged Crossroads RMC to provide technical support to manage the data conversion, utilizing the Infor utilities and converting Ridewell’s 4.05 CD data to standard LX.


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Tips:  LX / BPCS / M3

If you plan to use Infor WebTop, the WebTop version 4.7 or above is required when running LX 8.4. Also, acquire and install the latest WebTop 4.7 patches from Infor Xtreme prior to running LX WebTop. WebTop 4.7 can be applied to your existing environments before you install 8.4.0. If this is completed before installing LX 8.4 then the LX install will take care of much of the Webtop server configuration automatically, including installing the LX Webtop metadata, updating WEB_ENV, and including the Webtop Platform library in the INLIBL data area as part of the environment setup. If you choose to install WebTop after the LX 8.4 installation is completed, the “Infor LX 8.4 Webtop 4.7 Configuration Guide” will guide you through all the configuration steps to set up Webtop for your LX environment.


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Tips: LN & Baan

Infor Operating Service (OS) is a technology platform that supports fully integrated, industry-specific solution suites with mobile-first design, a consumer-inspired user experience, and science-driven analytics. It leverages the convergence of information, analytics, cloud computing, mobility, and social business.

This platform includes these products:

•    Infor Ming.le
•    Infor ION CE
•    ION Messaging Service (IMS)
•    Infor Data Lake
•    Infor Document Management
•    Infor Localization Services Platform (LSP)
•    Infor Localization Services

Read OS overview>


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