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Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: What is Included with Infor Operating Service (Infor OS)?

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Infor Operating Service (OS) is a technology platform that supports fully integrated, industry-specific solution suites with mobile-first design, a consumer-inspired user experience, and science-driven analytics. It leverages the convergence of information, analytics, cloud computing, mobility, and social business.

This platform includes these products:

•    Infor Ming.le
•    Infor ION CE
•    ION Messaging Service (IMS)
•    Infor Data Lake
•    Infor Document Management
•    Infor Localization Services Platform (LSP)
•    Infor Localization Services

Read OS overview>

LN & Baan Data Collection News – A BUSY 2nd Quarter for Crossroads RMC Data Collection!

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Crossroads RMC’s data collection implementation team was busy during the 2nd quarter of 2020 with 3 simultaneous go lives!

  1. FSB North America went live with Crossroads RMC's entire suite of warehouse management Data Collection applications for LN FP7
  2. Johnson Crushers International went live with Labor Reporting and Report Operations Complete for LN 10.6
  3. CTP/Tube Processing went live with Material Issue for LN FP6.

All installations included Crossroads RMC’s Analytics Dashboard which will be implemented to provide valuable insights into the data collection transactions performed in the warehouse and shop floor. 

Learn more about LN/Baan Data Collection - Web Collect (formerly RMC3) >
Learn more about Analytics Dashboard >

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: Wrap Toolbar Option

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The Wrap Toolbar option has been added. You can use this option to wrap toolbar buttons to the next line if it becomes too narrow to add on the same line. If this option is selected, every session has the option available in the Personalization menu. This gives the user the possibility to change the wrapping state of the toolbar per session. This setting is saved as a personalization. You can configure this option in the Tools Parameters (ttaad0100m000) session and for specific users in the User Data Template (ttams1110m000) session.

Note: LN UI 12.2.6 or later is required.

Get the Latest Porting Set for Infor LN, Baan V and Baan IV

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Porting set 9.3g has been released and is suitable for use by:
• Infor LN customers
• Infor Baan ERP 5.2a customers who have migrated the Infor Baan ERP 5.2a Tools to Infor Enterprise Server 8
• Infor Baan ERP 5.0b and 5.0c customers who have adopted SLM as described in document U8985F US: User's Guide to upgrade to porting set 8.2b or later
• Infor BaanIV c when the conditions for upgrading from the 6.1c.xx porting set line are met.

Infor LN Web Presentation – Infor OS Technology Roadmap Overview

Thursday, July 30, 2020 10:00 AM (CDT) 11:00 AM (EDT) - 1 hour

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Connecting data across your business systems

Most companies have multiple systems AND need those systems to share data back and forth. How do you make that happen?
Infor OS Technology is designed to be that "connective tissue" between our products. Do you have questions about Infor OS that you’d like to ask? Get immediate value by attending this Infor LN User Community event! 

REGISTER TODAY and join us to learn what's new!

Date/Time: Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 10:00 AM (CDT) | 11:00 AM (EDT)
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Mike Kalinowski, Sr Manager, Product Management at Infor
Host: LN NA User Group Board Members

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: Dynamic Assembly Control BOM (LN 10.7)

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In previous releases of LN, the Assembly Control Bill of Material (BOM) offered limited flexibility. For each end item configuration, users were required to create unique Engineering Modules, which are used to determine the assembly parts that are consumed in a specific Line Station during a specific operation.

If LN is integrated with Design Studio, previously called Infor CPQ, BOM structures can be maintained in Design Studio for Assembly Control. These structures can include non-configurable parts that are directly linked to configurable items. When communicating these structures to LN using the Assembly Control, Product Variant Structure (tiapl3510m000) session, the structures were rejected because non-configurable parts were not supported by the session logic.

In this release, BOM structures that include non-configurable parts can now be accepted in LN. Consequently, if LN is integrated with Design Studio, it is no longer required to use the Engineering Module. Using the Engineering Module has become optional.


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