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What is preventing you from upgrading your Infor LX or BPCS ERP System?

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Your answer to this question is likely customizations… customizations that were once the best thing since sliced bread but now have become the bane of your existence.

There is something you can do about it! 

Crossroads RMC has many options for LX & BPCS when dealing with customizations:

The largest independent bottling company in the United States announced a successful Go Live

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Polar Beverages, Inc. of Worcester MA has just announced a successful ‘Go Live' that brings their Adirondack Beverages division, in Scotia NY into a corporate environment running on the Infor LX platform. All business functions will be handled through the Infor LX platform, including Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Financials. 

In early 2017, 2 divisions of Polar in Worcester MA and Fitzgerald, GA began utilizing Infor LX. Crossroads RMC partnered with Polar by providing technical and application support throughout the duration of the project.

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: Installing WebTop Over LX

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If you plan to use Infor WebTop, the WebTop version 4.7 or above is required when running LX 8.4. Also, acquire and install the latest WebTop 4.7 patches from Infor Xtreme prior to running LX WebTop. WebTop 4.7 can be applied to your existing environments before you install 8.4.0. If this is completed before installing LX 8.4 then the LX install will take care of much of the Webtop server configuration automatically, including installing the LX Webtop metadata, updating WEB_ENV, and including the Webtop Platform library in the INLIBL data area as part of the environment setup. If you choose to install WebTop after the LX 8.4 installation is completed, the “Infor LX 8.4 Webtop 4.7 Configuration Guide” will guide you through all the configuration steps to set up Webtop for your LX environment.

An Infor LX upgrade in a month? Crossroads consultants make it happen!

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In August, BISCO, Inc. based in IL went live on their new IBMi 9 with Infor LX. This project included a dual migration from IBMi 7 to IBMi 9 and an upgrade from LX 8.3.4 to LX 8.3.5 using webtop. The Crossroads team led by Tim Baker, made this all happen in just a little over a month. BISCO will immediately move into the next phase of the project which will focus on an implementation of the Avalara Tax Interface to LX.

As stated by BISCO’s Senior Manager of Information Technology, “I want to express our complete gratitude for what a great job Crossroads RMC did in helping us get our BPCS LX Upgrade up and running. We were struggling to get over that hump and just couldn’t seem to bring this ERP to life… Crossroads RMC came in and saved the day, a fantastic job and the effort put forth was 2nd to none. Big Shout out to Tim Baker!!  I would highly recommend Crossroads RMC to any company.

BISCO is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices for the dental industry, specializing in adhesive and resin composite technology. Established in 1981, BISCO is an industry leader providing technically innovative aesthetic and restorative products to dental customers in the U.S. and in over 60 countries worldwide.

Learn more about Crossroads RMC Services>

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: Production History Purge

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Did you know that you can clear production history?

JIT900 - Production History Purge

To clear field values from Production History Inquiry (JIT300). Run monthly as Day End Run and Month End Run which clears M-T-D fields.  There is an option to clear the average per hour and maximum per hour fields. This program can be run as often as you wish.

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: Fast Line Entry

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LX Order Entry has been enhanced to provide a new Fast Line Entry panel. The new presentation makes traditional order entry faster by reducing the keystrokes necessary to create new lines. It also places the item description on the primary entry line, making it easier to confirm that the desired item has been ordered as each line is validated.


ORD700DA – Fast Line Entry
ORD700D2 – Order Line Entry, Quote Line Entry and RMA Line Entry

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: Multi-Level Backflush (LX 8.4)

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Clients who want to process more than one customer order line, one item, or one shop order are now able to continue processing without having to leave the Multi-Level Backflush screen. After entering data for a specific category, users are now able to use the F18=Accept & Continue function key that allows users to start and complete an action and remain on the MultiLevel Backflush screen, LMP600D1, to perform the next action. Previously, users were sent back out to the SYS500-06 screen after processing using single customer order line, shop order, or item.

This enhancement includes these programs or areas:

  • Lean Production Back-flush Selection Panel, LMP600D  
  • Lean Production Back-flush Selection Panel, LMP600FM
  • Lean Production Back-flush Selection Panel, LMP600HT

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