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Infor LN & Baan Manufacturing Tip: Performance Problems in Generate Order Planning (cprrp1210m000)

Kathy Barthelt 0 5339 Article rating: 5.0

When the Generate Order Planning (cprrp1210m000) session is run it can take minutes to days to finish the process.

The performance of this session depends on many settings, like the number of plan items, the number of orders, but it also depends on hardware and database setup.

Here are some guidelines on how performance can be improved...

Infor LX & BPCS Manufacturing Tip: Shop Calendar Maintenance – SFC140D1

George Moroses 0 3842 Article rating: 5.0

This program features multiple-level shop calendar maintenance. You can maintain a shop calendar at the global, facility, or work center level. Global level entries override default values found in Work Center Maintenance, CAP100D1, for any program that uses the shop calendar.

Facility overrides affect all work centers in a Facility and are exceptions to the global level. Exceptions defined at the Facility level apply to all work centers for the facility. Work Center calendar entries are the most specific. These entries apply....

Infor LX & BPCS Manufacturing Tip of the Week: Backward Scheduling

George Moroses 0 2645 Article rating: 5.0

Operations are automatically backward scheduled at shop order release time. The backward scheduling algorithm starts with the shop order due date and schedules each operation based upon the standard move and queue times in the routings and the number of days the job is expected to run at standard. The system calculates and stores the operation scheduled start date. The dates may be modified by the shop order maintenance program. The number of days that a job is expected to run an operation is dependent upon the available capacity for that work center and the total hours scheduled for that operation.

The backward scheduling algorithm also considers...


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