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Managing IDF for LX Version


Read these instructions prior to beginning your installation or upgrade of IDF for LX 8.4. This document also provides current information related to using, installing, and configuring IDF for LX Version 06.03.05. New information will be added to this document as it becomes available. IDF for LX is compatible with LX 8.4 environments.

21-Jun-2019 – Fix Patch and SH16143692
Also see Link Manager Fix Level for for the list of IDF Client fixes.
BMR 80211 Cumulative Patch 84.02.01 includes changes to support Infor’s Java strategy, see the Infor LX IDF Client Runtime Update for Corretto for special instructions on installing this IDF patch.
For information on LX moving from Oracle to Corretto Java see KB 2069811.

22-May-2019 – Fix Patch and SH16143692
Also see Link Manager Fix Level for for the list of IDF Client fixes.
MR 79799 Item gets deleted after pick confirm but does not delete after invoice.
MR 79876 Enhancement - Enterprise Item Relationship to PO Lines.
MR 80001 Attributes associated with a business object are not available to be added to a View if the business object is defined as not being allowed on menu.
MR 80004 IDF issues found while testing enhancement to IDF Change.
MR 80037 Extended Amount incorrect for DWM items in IDF Purchase Order Inquiry.
MR 80105 Integrator Translations need to be added to the “Default” card file.
MR 80039 In IDF Power-link listed under Maintain dropdown are IDF Inquiry business objects that are not maintainable in IDF.
MR 80079 Shop Order has wrong labels/descriptions.
MR 80083 Should not allow users to change an item record to DWM if there is active inventory.
MR 80099 Error: "The field TBBT1F is not maintainable" is received when attempting to change Main toolbar buttons for Net-Link from Standard actions only to IDF.
MR 80116 Host print allows selection of Suspended (Inactive) language and does not return an error message.
MR 80117 Orders details in IDF Customers object under Orders tab doesn't show all 9 digits of the Order Number.
MR 80125 Not able to Create Customer when Multi currency flag is OFF.
MR 80194 The Vendor Tax Code and Customer Tax Code do not fully display in Vendor’s Tax tab and Customer's Tax tab in Ming.le Change mode only.
MR 80208 IDF secondary objects are not setWebCapable(True); therefore customizations do not appear in NetLink.

Information and Instructions
New Installs of IDF
If you don’t have IDF installed please refer to the LX IDF 06.03.05 Installation and Upgrade Guide available on the Infor Support Portal for important instructions.

Upgrading existing IDF installations
If you already have IDF installed for LX 8.3.x environments it needs to be upgraded to 06.03.05 prior to adding LX 8.4 IDF environments. Please refer to the LX IDF 06.03.05 Installation and Upgrade Guide available on the Infor Support Portal for important instructions.

IDF License Requirements
 IDF requires a product license; which includes Power-Link
 Net-Link Client requires a separate product license
 Enterprise Integrator requires a separate product license
 CRMi requires a separate product license
 STTi requires a separate product license
 EGLi requires a separate product license

To obtain product licenses, contact Infor Customer Care or your Infor representative.

IDF PTF and Fix Patch Descriptions Overview
In order to update IDF for LX patches are periodically made available. The patches come in two varieties. Fix Patches are patches that contain fixes and enhancements for the client side components. They are stored in the IFS in the /Infor/fixes folder and are installed via Link Manager. Fix Patches have names similar to IDF PTFs are server side fixes and enhancements that are installed via a 5250 session typically using the STRIDF command. IDF PTFs have names like SH16143 and are delivered in zip files with names like These zip files usually contain a SAVF and install instructions. PTFs for version 06.03.05 of IDF for LX will have names ending in Only apply PTFs with SAVF names ending in 692 to a 06.03.05 environment. There is typically one cumulative IDF PTF that is refreshed periodically, similar to IBM Cumulative PTFs. The current Cumulative IDF PTF for LX 8.4 is SH16143.

The PTF zip file names includes a suffix that defines the IDF Server internal PTF number. The new format would look like this example: Since this is the cumulative PTF a future name would have a name including a value larger than 27000. This will simplify the check to determine your installed level verses the level in a new zip file. See the Viewing PTF Status in IDF section below for details on the PTF numbering.

Installation of Fix Patches
LX/IDF Fix Patches are cumulative so the latest fix will contain all previous fix levels. Previous fix levels do not need to be installed.

The file will be the latest level available, where xx.yy.zz is the number of the fix. The .zz segment is optional.

Copy this zip file to the /INFOR/fixes directory of your IBM i where you have installed IDF Server, then launch Link Manager on your PC.

Figure 1 Apply Update WindowLaunch Environments and select the environment to be updated. Select the Apply Updates icon and find the latest fix level in the drop-down box, check Run Integrator Synchronization box, and click Continue to start the install. The environment will be ended and restarted.

Installation of IDF PTFs
In order to keep current with the latest Fix Patches and IDF PTFs the PTFs should be installed in a particular order and when new LX environments are imported some PTFs will need to be applied to those new environments. The order of PTF applies is as follows:

IDF PTFs to be applied to the IBM i server:
SH16143 – Cumulative PTF for IDF for LX 8.4. (NOTE: Installing this PTF in an LX 8.3.x environment will corrupt that environment and should never be attempted.)

LX BMRs to be applied to the IBM i server:
See the Updates section above for information about which BMRs are required to be installed to support the IDF PTFs and Fix Patches.

Order of Installation:
1) Install BMRs into LX 8.4 environments as needed.
2) Import LX IDF environments as desired. Be sure the user profile used to start Link Manager is an authorized LX user in each environment being imported.
3) After importing each new environment, the following should be installed in that environment following the included instructions:
a) The latest PTF SH16143.
b) The latest available Fix Patch.

Viewing PTF Status in IDF
You can view the current PTF level and PTF install history in IDF in order to get details on what PTFs have been installed and view the current state of an environment. In a 5250 session add the AMCESLIB to your library list and execute the STRIDF command, then select the IDF environment of interest. From the Main Menu select option 2 “PTF Status Inquiry”. Select “1” to view the installed PTF level. The IDF Server is the core product and the PTF value will change each time you install an updated cumulative PTF. Or, select “3” to view the PTF install history.

Activating products in IDF
To activate products like EGLI first apply the PTFs and Patches, then perform the following steps:
1. Acquire the product license key from Infor and install it per the provided instructions.
2. Launch Link Manager.
3. Click the Environments tab.
4. Locate the environment in which you want to activate the product. Check that no users are in the environment.
5. Double-click the environment to display Environment Details.
6. Select the Applications tab.
7. Double-click the product.
8. Select Maintain > Change.
9. Click the Installed check box.
10. Click Update. Please note that there is currently no option to deactivate a product in an environment.
11. Also note that in the LX environment SYS800 should be used to turn on the same product. This will activate any LX integration with the corresponding IDF product.
The first time an environment is started a special process called Prime is run to initialize data needed for the Enterprise Integrator product. When applying Fix Patches the Run Integrator Synchronization box should be checked. See Figure 1 Apply Update Window. If it was not check while applying the Fix Patch and the environment was started at least once before the product was activated and you are using Enterprise Integrator, then the environment may need to be primed again to activate the product in Integrator.

To prime the environment manually:
1. In Link Manager, end the business environment.
2. In a green screen session, use this SQL statement to rerun the prime startup task:
update AMFSQLy/startup_tasks set status = 'X' where sequence = '470' and status = 'C'
where y in AMFSQLy is the second character of the IDF environment ID

3. In Link Manager, restart the business environment.
The TSK process requires some time to re-prime the objects.

Importing LX Security into IDF (Optional)
A tool to import LX Security Data into IDF is available as part of LX 8.4. The tool is called CPYSECIDF and is stored in the CPYSECID84 library which was included in the base install of LX 8.4. Updates will be delivered with BMRs. See the Infor IDF for Infor LX Security Maintenance Guide for instructions on running the tool.

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