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Need Knowledgeable ERP Staff Quickly?

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Consider this

Your staff is working on a critical project for your top customer, but in order to complete the project on time with high customer satisfaction, you need to extend your team. You know that the recruitment process is lengthy and it is not easy to find highly qualified people who won’t require a lengthy training process just to bring them up to speed on your ERP, (let alone your business) so this option is not suitable.

Or how about this…

Your ERP system is dragging and you know there are updates to install which are likely to improve system performance, but your IT guy is tied up working on something else and doesn’t know when he can perform the upgrade.

Either of these scenarios sound familiar?

Infor LX & BPCS | Infor LN & Baan: Accuracy & Productivity Aren't Important!

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Oh, you think they are?

Well, you might want to take a hard look at HOW you’re running your Infor ERP system.

  • Have you been able to eliminate large amounts of data entry for your staff?
  • Do all of your systems talk to one another?
  • Is your data error-free at month end?

If the answer is no, your company would likely benefit from...

Infor LN & Baan Tip: Financial Integration Mapping Scheme

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Transactions to be mapped - In the mapping scheme, you must define the ledger mapping and the dimension mapping for these types of transactions:

  1. Financial integration transactions resulting from logistic events in Operations Management.
  2. General Ledger transactions.
  3. Procurement card transactions in Accounts Payable.

In addition, to support dimension accounting...

Is it time to get more out of Infor LN & Baan?

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As crazy as it sounds, we’re about to enter the 4th Quarter of 2021. How are you doing on your 2021 goals? Planning for 2022 projects? Maybe it's time to get more out of your Infor ERP system.


Is an upgrade to the latest version of Infor LN the goal for 2022? If so, Crossroads RMC brings 35+ years of industry experience to the table to ensure that your upgrade achieves the results you’re looking for and does so on time and on budget. Our goal is to delight your users and maximize the efficiencies that your business can gain from implementing best-of-breed business practices.

Crossroads RMC's team of expert consultants will...

Infor LN & BaanTip: Restructuring Your Warehouse

Am I able to remove a warehouse location?

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You may want to restructure your warehouse with new bin codes and new bin characteristics. You will not undertake this kind of activity very often, but situations can occur where a reclassification is necessary to achieve or maintain a more efficient operation. In this case, you may want to remove a given warehouse location. It can be done, but you must be aware of the following:

A location cannot be removed if any of these conditions exist:

  1. Any outstanding inbound advice for the item.
  2. Any outstanding outbound advice for the item.
  3. Any unprocessed cycle counting order/adjustment order lines.
  4. Any cycle counting data.

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