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"Apologies, boss, but at the moment, we are unable to contribute to advancing the business."

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Imagine delivering this message to your boss or the company president. What would their response likely be? It's improbable that they would respond with, "That's perfectly fine; we can delay implementing this significant initiative that could potentially save us a substantial amount of money and give us a competitive edge. Please let us know when you have the availability to work on it." In reality, they would probably want you to add this new task to your already overflowing to-do list, wouldn't they?

Nonetheless, you'd probably comply because it's...

ERP & the Importance of Accuracy & Productivity

Infor LN & Baan

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If you don't think accuracy and productivity are important, you need to take a hard look at HOW you’re running your ERP system.

  • Have you eliminated large amounts of data entry?
  • Is your data error-free at month's end?
  • Do all of your systems talk to one another?

If the answer is no, Crossroads RMC can improve accuracy and productivity with system integration and/or automation.

Too expensive you say? Too time-consuming and way too much effort to make it happen? Not necessarily... 

Infor LX & BPCS Tip: 4 Approaches to Customizing LX / BPCS - Preparing for a Future Upgrade

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How do I modify BPCS/LX to allow for the ease of upgrading in the future?

  1. Exit Points...

Have You Heard About the Latest & Greatest Way to BOOST Productivity?


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In a world of life hacks and constantly changing routines, we could all use help boosting productivity.

With Crossroads RMC support services, boosting your productivity just got 10x easier! Boost the productivity of your entire team by adding just ONE team member that you only pay when you need them. And the best part is that they are waiting for your call right now and every hour of every day, even on weekends and holidays.

Check out Crossroads RMC's Support Services Designed YOUR Way: ...

DATA: See it. Understand it. Discuss it.

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We’ve all heard author and management consultant Peter Drucker’s famous quote “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  

What’s the right way to manage “It” though? Is it enough to put the data in the hands of the responsible manager and wait for change to occur? Does the manager have a pulse on everything that went into those numbers?

Your numbers tell a story, but there is a lot of...


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