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Infor LN & Baan Tip: Latest Porting Set – All Versions of Infor LN & Baan

Are you on the latest porting set for your version of Baan / Infor LN? Check here to be sure:

VERSIONS: Infor LN, Infor Baan ERP 5.0c, Infor Baan IVc4

13th Jan, 2021: Updated with 9.3i porting set, see KB 2176336 for this version. Available from LN CE release 2021.01
9th Oct, 2020: Updated with 9.3h porting set, see KB 2158949 for this version. Available from LN CE release 2020.10
9th July, 2020: Updated with 9.3g porting set, see KB 2142625 for this version. Available from LN CE release 2020.07
10th April, 2020: Updated with 9.3f porting set, see KB 2125567 for this version. Available from LN CE release 2020.04
13th Jan, 2020: Updated with 9.3e porting set, see KB 2108810 for this version
11th Oct, 2019: Updated with 9.3d porting set, see KB 2093165 for this version
11th July, 2019: Updated with 9.3c porting set, see KB 2075437 for this version
13th March, 2019: Updated with 9.3b porting set, see KB 2051365 for this version
7th Dec, 2018: Updated with 9.3a porting set, see KB 2033165 for this version
6th Sept, 2018: Updated with 9.2b.01 porting set, see KB 2014729 for this version
8th June, 2018: Updated with 9.2b porting set, see KB 1997100 for this version
12th March, 2018: Updated with 9.2a.01 porting set, see KB 1972861 for this version
11th Dec, 2017: Updated with 9.2a porting set, see KB 1954406 for this version
8th Sept, 2017: Updated with 9.1c.01 porting set, see KB 1934704 for this version
10th June, 2017: Updated with 9.1c porting set, see KB 1915968 for this version
20th March, 2017: Updated with 9.1b.01 porting set, see KB 1897691 for this version
9th Dec, 2016: Updated with 9.1b porting set, see KB 1876613 for this version
22nd Sept, 2016: Updated with 9.1a.01 porting set, see KB 1856545 for this version
23rd June, 2016: Updated with 9.1a porting set, see KB 1836486 for this version
14th March, 2016: Updated with 9.0c.01 porting set, see KB 1700568 for this version
11th Dec, 2015: Updated with 9.0c porting set, see KB 1677286 for this version
17th Sept, 2015: Updated with 9.0b.01 porting set, see KB 1654371 for this version
19th June, 2015: Updated with 9.0b porting set, see KB 1630218 for this version
20th March, 2015: Updated with 9.0a.01 porting set, see KB 1605781 for this version
9th Jan, 2015: Updated with 8.9a.06 porting set, see KB 1586121 for this version, this is only 32 bit for windows and linux.
17th Nov, 2014: Updated with 9.0a porting set, see KB 1572748 for this version, 12 Dec 2014, new version for windows released.
26th Sept, 2014: Updated with 8.9a.05 porting set, see KB 1539050 for this version
11th July, 2014: Updated with 8.9a.04 porting set, see KB 1517147 for this version
5th April, 2014: Updated with 8.9a.03 porting set, see KB 1490061 for this version
10th Jan, 2014: Updated with 8.9a.02 porting set, see KB 1465391 for this version
4th Oct, 2013: Updated with 8.9a.01 porting set, see KB 1442188 for this version
19th July, 2013: Updated with 8.9a porting set, see KB 1422389 for this version
1st March, 2013: Updated with 8.8a.03 porting set, see KB 1381629 for this version
30th Nov, 2012: Updated with 8.8a.02 porting set, see KB 1356958 for this version
13th Sept, 2012: Updated with 8.8a.01 porting set, see KB 1181506 for this version
30th May, 2012: Updated with 8.8a porting set, see KB 1154144 for this version
19th Jan, 2012: Updated with 8.7b.01 porting set, see solution 1120445 for this version. This is the first version that can also be used for Infor BaanIV c
7th Oct, 2011: Updated with 8.7a.03 porting set, see solution 1062346 for this version
17th June, 2011: Updated with 8.7a.02 porting set, see solution 1025539 for this version
31st March, 2011: Updated with 8.7a.01 porting set, see solution 1007520 for this version
17th Jan, 2011: Updated with new version of 8.7a porting set
3rd Dec, 2010: Updated with 8.7a porting set, see solution 22945526 for this version
8th Oct, 2010: Updated with 8.6a.03 porting set, see solution 22899106 for this version
17th June, 2010: Updated with 8.6a.02 porting set, see solution 22899105 for this version
1st April, 2010: Updated with 8.6a.01 porting set, see solution 22899104 for this version
11th February, 2010: Updated with the 64-bit 8.6a porting set, see solution 22899103 for this version
1st Dec, 2009: Updated with new 8.6a porting set, see solution 22899103 for this version
1st Oct, 2009: Updated with new 8.5a.03 porting set, see solution 22899102 for this version
18th June, 2009: Updated with new 8.5a.02 porting set, see solution 22899101 for this version
19th March, 2009: Updated with new 8.5a.01 porting set, see solution 22899100 for this version
4th Dec, 2008: Updated with new 8.5a porting set, see solution 22899099 for this version
23th Oct, 2008: Updated with new 8.4c.02 porting set, see solution 22899098 for this version
23th July, 2008: Updated with new 8.4c.01 porting set, see solution 22899097 for this version
2nd July, 2008: Updated with new 8.4c porting set, see solution 22899096 for this version
13th March, 2008: Updated with new 8.4b porting set, see solution 22899095 for this version
24th Jan, 2008: Updated with new 8.4a.02 porting set, see solution 22899094 for this version
21st Dec, 2007: Updated with new 8.4a.01 porting set for Windows, see solution 22899093 for this version
31st Aug, 2007: Updated with new 8.4a.01 porting set, see solution 22899093 for this version
25th June, 2007: Updated with new 8.4a porting set, see solution 22899115 for this version
4th Jan, 2007: Updated with new 8.3a.01 porting set, see solution 22899114 for this version
20th Oct, 2006: Updated with new 8.3a porting set, see solution 22899113 for this version
23th Aug, 2006: Updated with new 8.2b porting set for windows, see solution 22899112 for this version
16th June, 2006: Updated with Porting set 8.2b: see solution 22899112 for this version
28th April, 2006: Updated with Porting set 7.6b_01: see solution 22899111 for this version
9th March, new version of 7.6b Porting set released, see solution below,(22899110)
6th Dec, 2005: Updated with Porting set 7.6b: see solution 22899110 for this version
15th June, 2005: Updated with Porting set 7.6a.02: see solution 22899109 for this version
27th April, 2005: Updated with Porting set 7.6a.01: see solution 22899108 for this version
4th Dec, 2004: Updated with Porting set 7.6a: see solution 22899107 for this version

A porting set is a set of binaries, which are operating system dependent. It is the layer between the operating system and the application software. Infor regularly releases a new porting set. A bugfix number recognizes every modification made in the porting set.

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