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Fun Facts

I was a pirate in a past life.
I'm a scratch golfer (in my dreams)!
I do Kung Fu because I like to hit stuff.


Since I was in grammar school, I was always good with numbers. Because of that, I’ve been attracted to using numbers in my career. The thing about numbers is that they can be extremely illuminating, if we let them. So math became my passion through high school into college.

That led me to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering, which I thought would be challenging and rewarding. But after receiving my degree, I realized that my real passion was for making improvements to manufacturing processes rather than designing the processes themselves. I’ve seen manufacturing systems at their best and their worst. For example, continuous process industries use data extensively. They can’t make their products without good numbers. Discrete industries typically do much worse since there is less data to track and control.

I’ve been lucky to work with some really smart people optimizing these systems in all sorts of production environments. Really Smart People like our team and customers. Folks who deep dive and have the chops to see the possible in the impossible and simple buried within the complex. My company is dedicated to that mission and we all leave work every day knowing that we did something to help our customers be better at what they do.