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Kathy Barthelt

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Kathy Barthelt

Kathy Barthelt

Vice President

Fun Facts

I've been a wedding singer since I was 16.
I'm a compulsive list maker (known in high school as "The List Queen").
I have a self-proclaimed allergy to oatmeal.

As a kid, my summers were spent playing office and school (when I wasn’t roller skating). At that time, I guess it was all about being the one in charge. The need to be in charge soon changed to a need to share what I know, and make a difference. I decided that the way to do this would be to become a teacher.

In high school, I was fortunate enough to benefit from the talents of some incredible educators who led me on a path from teaching to programming. At the time, opportunities abounded for women in engineering, so off to college I went to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering.

Programming was rewarding, but the real reward came in working with customers and helping to bring about real change in their business. I was able to do this in my roles as Consulting Manager, VP of Operations and my current role of VP of Sales & Marketing. In my current role, I get the opportunity to work directly with our customers every day and find real solutions to real problems.

I’m lucky in that everyone at Crossroads RMC feels the way I do about our customers and our responsibility to them… share what you know, and make a difference.