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Frank Petrasio

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Frank Petrasio

Frank Petrasio

Director – IBM i Group

Fun Facts

Avid outdoorsman since the age of 14.
Enjoy bike riding and running.
Life-long Buffalonian.

Growing up in an Italian family, it was always about the food. Every Sunday, the entire family would come over for pasta, homemade wine and always too much food. Sundays felt like holidays and created memories I cherish. There is something to be said about simpler times. I have, however, carried on that tradition within my own family by cooking Italian dishes and gathering on Sundays, when we can. As a lifelong Buffalonian, I enjoy all the food it is famous for, and still “bill”ieve in the beloved Buffalo Bills and hope for a Super Bowl championship in the near future.

In high school I was a two-sport athlete, playing football and basketball… skills I’d like to say I passed on to my son, but he is far better at both. I played the drums for years and had a “basement band.” I still enjoy playing, but don’t often have the opportunity. I have a passion for hunting and enjoy being outside three out of the four Buffalo seasons.

When I began college, I was studying to become a CPA, but quickly learned adding columns up on a spreadsheet and netting to zero wasn’t for me. I switched my major and earned a degree in Information Technology. Hands-on coding and seeing the end result fascinated me. I worked my way through the ranks of Technical Project Manager, then Director and VP roles in varying consulting organizations.

Buffalo will always be home, a great city that experiences all four seasons, sometimes all in the same day. I am happily married with two adult children living on the outskirts of Buffalo in the suburb of Lancaster. My motto professionally and personally is to lead by example, “lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

I feel at home with Crossroads RMC, bringing my passion for the business and customers with whom I have developed relationships with throughout the years.