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Ed Vesely

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Ed Vesely

Ed Vesely

Consulting Manager

Fun Facts

I am a National Referee for collegiate and USAV volleyball. One of the funniest insults I’ve received from a fan was “No wonder you couldn’t see anything with all of the glare from your head.”
I performed in a ballet number at a dance recital with my daughter and other father/daughter pairs.
When I was growing up, I loved math and science. I enjoyed my first exposure to computers (remember the Apple II and the TRS-80?). I soon became the go-to person with all of my relatives for setting up PCs, DVD players, TVs, etc. I suppose that was my first customer service experience. I continue to provide customer service to my relatives to this day.

I studied electrical engineering in college, researching tiny semiconductor lasers. However, I soon decided that I was more interested in using technology to solve business problems. That led me back to computer programming and on to an MBA. After working for a couple of very large corporations, I found my calling in 1998 with a small company that is now Crossroads RMC.

My job allows me to do a number of different things; design and programming can be very rewarding. It’s nice to be creative and figure out solutions to tough problems. It is especially rewarding to see things in action at our customers locations. Aside from the programming work, I spend a lot of time working directly with our clients. While they may share similar issues, every customer is unique. It’s critical to me that I understand each customer’s needs and situation so that our staff can provide the best service and best solution that we can – and deliver outstanding value at the same time.