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Fun Facts

My favorite hobby is to run around on a field and get yelled at. Now that I think of it that is not just my hobby.
I get bored quickly if I do the same thing for very long.
My office nickname is “Master Delegator.”

I have lived in and around Chicago most of my life, except for when I lived in Paris, New Mexico, New Hampshire, California and Ohio. Never thought I would be in Chicago for as long as I have been, but the interests of my wife and kids count, too. Owning a business or three has been a bit of an anchor, too.

I have worked in radio as a disk jockey, news reader, music director, producer, program director, and station manager. In manufacturing I have been a shipping clerk and manager, a welder, an assembler, tester, production scheduler, design engineer, application/sales engineer, and IT manager or VP or something, hard to keep all this straight.

My jobs in technology include developer, analyst, trainer, manufacturing consultant, financial consultant, Service Manager, VP of Operations, VP Sales, President, CFO.

At Crossroads I am fortunate to be part of an extraordinary team of highly motivated and very talented individuals. My job is to mentor and support them, then get out of their way. Sometimes they let me provide a little guidance, too, but mostly they go off in the direction that makes the most sense to them. I would not have it any other way. Like sharks, we all, people and businesses, need to keep moving and progressing, or we are dying.

My entire career has been based on helping others to succeed, individuals and companies. We do not sell stuff, write software, or consult – we enable success. And the more successful our customers are, the more successful we will be. Because our products, services and expertise are not commodities, and when they combine with an intimate knowledge of a customer (tends to happen once you have implemented software for someone, and then supported them for a few years), it becomes an invaluable resource.