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Anthony Etzel

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Anthony Etzel

Anthony Etzel

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Fun Facts

Self-proclaimed Food Snob, “Bolognese Sauce must have 3 meats or it’s NOT Bolognese!”
I am a pastor for a non-denominational church and the Chaplin for the local Legion Post.
My wife and I enjoy ballroom dancing. We have a saying: “The couple that dances together stays together”.

When I was a child my father showed me how to disassemble something, make the repair and re-assemble it, and this always fascinated me. During my high school years I thought about becoming a dentist, because my grandmother always wanted a doctor in the family. But once I was introduced to computers, I knew it was the future for me. After completing my computer studies, I continued my education in the US Navy, and after my discharge, I took a position in data processing for a manufacturing company.

When my career in manufacturing began, there were no disk drives or monitors, we wrote programs by wiring boards and maintained files by sorting and merging decks of cards. My first application assignment was to design and create a Bill of Material Processing System. I went on to work at more than a few different manufacturing companies: electronics, medical, automotive and aerospace. I implemented ERP software applications and I was among the first to introduce shop floor data capture using light pens to read bar codes from the shop floor paperwork. Prior to light pens being introduced, we issued 80 column cards; one for each operation to the factory floor and the workers used an IBM card reader device to record production information.

My career has been built around applying technology to the factory floor and creating real-time data collection solutions. Through the years I have become a recognized industry expert in manufacturing processes & operational improvements. I have 35 + years of experience in a broad spectrum of industry sectors, with a focus on automated data capture for shop floor reporting. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with clients, and consider myself the doctor of data. I wonder what my grandmother would think...?