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What Does OTTO Do?
Most manufacturers are pressured to reduce delivery lead-times and rely on planning systems to meet commitments. This works very well if everything happens as planned. But planning by itself doesn’t make things happen, people and processes make things happen. This acceleration is putting tremendous pressure on key users like planners, schedulers, buyers and production supervisors. Not only are they struggling to meet daily commitments and relying on “brute force” solutions to get the job done but they can actually become unrecognized production constraints. Planning is more important than ever but is no longer sufficient to meet current challenges because the real challenge in meeting commitments isn't planning but in making plans happen.

OTTO Makes Plans Happen!
OTTO is an on-time ordering tool that helps you proactively manage the entire customer order backlog all the way through purchasing, so you can get orders produced and shipped on time. No more data chasing, now you can monitor orders as soon as they are booked allowing you to identify critical events that must happen to avoid slippage.

OTTO helps manufacturing plants consistently meet customer commitments, allowing supervisors and manager to spend more time analyzing, making decisions, communicating and coordinating.

Request your free 30 day trial today and add value to your current BPCS and Infor LX ERP, without altering, changing, or revising the source data.


"These productivity and on-time shipment improvements are not accidents or just a result of things going our way for a couple of months. They are a result of what people can do when they are given the necessary tools to do their jobs. OTTO has given us the necessary tools for turning our plans into sales dollars.”
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On-Time Ordering:
The Secret to Making Plans Happen

Your business doesn’t run without the right people and processes in place, but in order for people to manage the right things at the right time, they need tools... the RIGHT tools

The secret to making plans happen is using a tool that improves the effectiveness of buyers, planners, schedulers and supervisors. 
The secret is OTTO.

Here is what others are saying about OTTO Software

OTTO provides the means for keeping the whole production organization focused on the few things that have to happen as the ship date approaches to get each order shipped on time. Components that have potential for delaying an order are identified so they can be managed. Precious limited resources are spent managing the right things at the right time rather than digging out and analyzing data.
Plant Manager - agricultural products