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Infor LN & Baan Tip: Open Transactions Check – LN 10.7

When closing a project, users were informed about open transactions blocking the closure process. To proactively check on open transactions, the Show Open Transactions option has been introduced in the Project Status (tppdm6107s000) session. With this option, issues can be resolved before changing the status.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020/Author: Kathy Barthelt/Number of views (189)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LX & BPCS Tip: LX 8.4 – Manufacturing Field Size Expansions

This enhancement provides expanded field sizes for many key manufacturing data elements. This expansion impacts panels, reports, work fields, as well as parameters and other technical areas.

The benefits of the expanded field enhancement include: 

  • Support for companies that have global operations in a single database.
  • Improved data accuracy due to additional decimal points.
  • Improved data accuracy due to additional capacity for totals and summaries.
  • Provides more definitions of additional values, including more meaningful values due to fewer abbreviations.
  • Provides a greater number of days for data retention.
  • Meets regulatory requirements or industry standards.
  • Avoids re-use or duplication of keys.

The programs or areas impacted include:

  • Shop Order Number (9N)
  • Summary Quantity fields (13,3)
  • DWM Summary Weight fields (13,4)
  • Transaction History Sequence (16N)
  • Instrument Serial Number (50A)
  • Item Class (5A)
  • Item Discount Code (5A)
  • Shop Order Priority Code (2N)
  • Catalog String (512A)
  • Comment (35A on ECM TITB file)
Tuesday, May 12, 2020/Author: George Moroses/Number of views (240)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: LN 10.7 - Inventory Check for Sales Orders

In previous releases, the Check Inventory Sales Order (tdsls4217m000) session was used to provide planned delivery dates to sales order lines by performing ATP checks only during order entry.

The Check Inventory Sales Order (tdsls4217m000) session has been enhanced to support the ATP recalculation of planned delivery dates. ATP checks can now be run on sales order lines with the Order Promising Status set to Accepted. Simulation capabilities and exclusion of already advised sales order lines are also offered.

The new functionality can be enabled for a combination of item and business partner. At sales order line level, the option to disable the recalculation is always available.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020/Author: Kathy Barthelt/Number of views (938)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: LX 8.4 Enhancement – Company Security for ACR510

This enhancement provides LX Company Security to Invoice Maintenance, ACR510. Only users authorized to the invoice company can view or maintain invoices.

User must be authorized to ACR as a product or ACR510 as an individual program in Security Master Maintenance, SYS600. Additionally, ACR510-01, displays all records, but if the user tries to revise or display a transaction record for a company the user is not authorized to, this error message is displayed: “User is not authorized to the transaction company.”

Tuesday, April 28, 2020/Author: George Moroses/Number of views (875)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LN & Baan Product Lifecycle Policy Support Changes for 2021

Are you aware of the support changes coming in mid-2021 for your Infor ERP version? 

We can help you put together a plan for your ERP system to ensure your business is fully supported. 2021 will be here before you know it - Contact us today to get started! 800.762.2077

Tuesday, April 14, 2020/Author: Kathy Barthelt/Number of views (1241)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: Limitations of Customer Defined Fields (CDFs)

Customer Defined fields are fields that can be added to tables, screens, reports and BODs. Validation and calculation logic can be defined around those fields. This gives you great added capability and flexibility… however, are you aware of the limitations of using CDFs?

  • You cannot define customer defined fields for tables within Tools (the tl and tt packages).
  • External integrations, such as Infor Integration, EDI, Office Integration, and SOA-based integration, do not support customer defined fields.
  • You can use customer defined fields within 4GL reports, if editing the 4GL report layouts is still supported in your environment or by using the report personalization features of Infor LN Report Designer. For external reporting, only Infor Reporting and Microsoft Reporting (SSRS) support customer defined fields.
  • Customer defined fields cannot store application data in multiple data languages.
  • There is no direct limitation on the number of CDFs in a table. The actual number of fields in a table and the total length of all fields may be limited by the RDBMS you use.
  • Only super users can run the Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary (ttadv5215m000) session to convert the customer defined fields and the related domains to the runtime data dictionary.

Note: The full functionality of customer defined fields is only available within Web UI and LN UI. Customer defined fields are not displayed in the classic Infor LN BW UI.

If you have questions or need assistance with the use of CDFs, or Baan/LN modifications in general, please contact us for assistance. We’d be happy to help.

800.762.2077 or kbarthelt@crossroadsrmc.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2020/Author: Kathy Barthelt/Number of views (1105)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: Item Deletion Option in IDF Enterprise Items

Previously, users were unable to delete items in IDF Enterprise Items when they have inventory balances or the item is connected to ancillary records, such as sales history records. This feature added in LX 8.4 provides the ability to delete an item when sales history records are found but all sales history activity is zero.

When the user attempts to delete an item in IDF Enterprise Items that is tied to a sales history record, the panel displays a message that the item cannot be deleted. The user can then run the Delete Validation Report to determine which records are tied to this item that prevent the validation. If the item no longer has manufacturing activity but had old sales history, the item can be deleted.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020/Author: George Moroses/Number of views (1098)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: In Transit Inventory Report – LN 10.7

A new In Transit Inventory report can be printed in the Print In Transit Inventory (whinr1410m300) session. The report provides an overview of company inventory that is on the move and not stored in a warehouse. This concerns only inventory that is transferred from one warehouse to another. Items that are shipped to, for example, customers or projects, or items that are issued to production lines or service departments are excluded.

The report shows item inventory quantities and values on warehouse transfer orders which are issued at the origin warehouse, but are not yet received in the destination warehouse. These open inter-warehouse transfer orders represent inventory that is loaded on trucks or other means of transport, or located at intermediate pooling points such as harbors and train stations.

The quantities and values are retrieved from the Item-Warehouse-Inventory Transactions and the Inventory Integration Transactions sessions.

In the Print In Transit Inventory (whinr1410m300) session, a range of warehouse valuation groups, warehouses, items, transaction dates, etc. can be specified. Additional print options are available that determine if only item quantities must be printed or if insight into both quantities and inventory value is required. Quantities and values can also be aggregated by site and destination or origin warehouse.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020/Author: Kathy Barthelt/Number of views (1682)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0
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