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Why should you consider Crossroads RMC’s data collection solution for Infor LN & Baan?

Let our customers tell you:

“Improving the efficiency of all our operations is key to our ongoing success. Crossroads RMC’s Data collection solution clearly can help us on an ongoing basis, and it offers immediate improvement and a foundation we can continue to build on." IT Manager, Magnesita

Learn More About Crossroads RMC's Data Collection - RMC3

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Is your ERP system up to date with all of the sales tax changes for 2020?

Want a way to ensure that your ERP system is always using the correct tax rates?
Here is a tool to help: 2020 State Sales Tax Rates

Crossroads RMC has integrated Avalara to Infor LX, BPCS, Infor LN, and Baan!

Contact Crossroads RMC to learn how this integration can benefit your company. 800.762.2077

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IDF News: Making modifications to IDF programs or files

If you are making modifications to IDF programs or files, it is a good idea to create your modified objects in a test library that you create for this purpose.

The test library should be added to the top of the library list just after the temporary library QTEMP so your modified objects are found instead of the standard IDF objects. This test library allows you to make changes and test them, or to continue running in this mode permanently without actually replacing the original objects. This test library also helps you to isolate and control your modifications when applying patches from Infor.

Tuesday, January 07, 2020/Author: Anthony Etzel/Number of views (472)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Motivate Your Infor LX & BPCS Team with Dashboards

BrightGauge blog

"Using real-time dashboards, you can hold everyone accountable to KPIs on a weekly basis so nothing falls through the cracks. Customers stay happy and you know what's going on at all times while keeping your whole team on the same page." (BrightGauge blog, February, 2018)

Leverage dashboards to help ensure all aspects of your business are covered.Crossroads RMC provides real-time dashboards to display virtually any aspect of your ERP data. Use the standard dashboards, or create your own! 

Learn more about Analytics Dashboard>

Contact Anthony Etzel to discuss how dashboards can immediately benefit your company this year!

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Learn how MES can benefit your company in 2020 by simply doing all of these things...

Do your users have an easy way to do all of these things? If not, you should learn how MES could benefit your company in 2020!

  • Schedule work from a work center to a specific machine or work area.
  • Re-sequence work and split for better flexibility in scheduling shop floor activities.
  • Receive work schedules electronically as well as interacting with it by reporting transactional activity.
  • Electronically display drawings, process instructions, and quality instructions to eliminate (or minimize) the need for paper on the shop floor.
  • Pass shop floor transactional activity to dashboard displays as well as your ERP system.

Learn more about Crossroads MES>

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Infor LX & BPCS Tip of the Week: What is EGLi?

EGLi provides Infor LX Configurable Enterprise Accounting (CEA) functionality including Advanced Transaction Processing (ATP), a configurable ledger, and batch transaction processing in the IDF architecture.

EGLi is a complete replacement for CEA. Infor LX applications integrate with EGLi, and subsystem transactions generated in Infor LX are used to create journal entries in EGLi. The Infor LX integration system parameters allow you to specify whether CEA or EGLi is your primary financial product.

We recommend that you select CEA while you test the integration. The primary financial product flag and the CEA migration programs are designed to assist existing CEA clients with their implementation of EGLi. Journals are produced in both GL systems so you can verify that the data in both GL systems are the same. This integration includes migration programs that copy your existing CEA files to corresponding EGLi files. After you run the migration programs, EGLi should be configured and ready to use. If you are already running IDF via Ming.le or SiW, before you install EGLi, you will need to see the Ming.le integration guide for instructions on how to export EGLi tasks from IDF to SiW/Ming.le.

Learn More > Infor LX Integration Guide for Enterprise General Ledger

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Analytics Dashboard: Up-to-Date Reports Help You Make Good Decisions For Your Business

Don't relying on out-of-date reports to make decisions that affect your business. Get real time views of your data that give you all the information you need at a glance, and with the ability to dig down into the details. 

Analytics Dashboard

Tuesday, December 10, 2019/Author: Crossroads RMC/Number of views (1736)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Infor LN & Baan Tip of the Week: Standalone Sessions in LN 10.7

The standalone LN UI allows enhanced URL-parameter configuration. A single session can be started directly. Based on the URL, users can choose if the menu must be available and if the displayed set of records must be restricted.

This can be useful for self-service kiosks or simple full-screen clients.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019/Author: Kathy Barthelt/Number of views (1204)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0
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