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Baan/LN Tip: Credit Control Parameters (ACR Parameters)

In the Credit Control Parameters, you can indicate if the same letter will be sent for reminding and action taken if amounts are zero or negative. The reminder letters work in conjunction with overdue sales invoices and the “Reminder Diary Margin.” When an invoice has passed its due date plus a certain margin of days, LN generates a reminder advice for the invoice. 

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Crossroads Welcomes Ridewell Corporation – MES for Infor LX

Crossroads RMC welcomes Ridewell Corporation as our newest client having selected Crossroads MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for their shop floor automation with integration to Infor LX. 

Ridewell engineers and manufactures air-ride, rubber-ride, steel spring and mechanical suspension systems for the truck, trailer, RV and bus industries. The company has served the transportation industry since 1967 and holds many active patents for exclusive features that provide for low maintenance and superior ride quality.

Ridewell’s objective was to eliminate shop floor paperwork and manual processes, obtain real time performance metrics, and achieve greater visibility over manufacturing operations. After carefully conducting their due diligence they selected Crossroads MES to address these challenges.

Crossroads Manufacturing Execution System connects your manufacturing plant to the rest of your enterprise by using touch screen PCs on the shop floor. Powered by IBM I Power Systems, Crossroads MES fills the gap that exists between your ERP system and your lean manufacturing initiatives by modernizing and transforming the ERP experience. It delivers paperless shop packets to your entire workforce, captures live manufacturing data, and then delivers real-time status to your Tablet or PC.

Key Features include:

  • Paperless Shop Floor                               
  • Labor and Machine Time
  • Production Reporting
  • Material Issue
  • Scrap Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Capacity Load Balancing
  • Label Integration
  • Dashboard Analytics                    

Crossroads MES provides information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output.

Crossroads RMC is proud to have Ridewell Corporation as a client and we look forward to working together to support their company growth and success.

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BPCS/LX Tip of the Week: Shelf Life Days and Retest Days

This feature provides the ability to enter information in the shelf life days and retest days fields for non-QMS lot controlled items, even when the QMS product is installed. The purpose of this enhancement is to allow the user to enter information for non-QMS lot controlled items even when QMS is activated in Parameters Generation, SYS800D. In previous versions, when QMS was activated, the Shelf Life Days and Retest Days fields in Facility Planning Maintenance (MRP140) and Item Master Maintenance (INV100) were not maintainable for non-QMS lot controlled items. The user is now able to change non-QMS lot controlled items even when a QMS product is installed.

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Baan & LN Integration News: Playing Telephone Can Get You In Trouble

Somehow information must be relayed from one person to another, and the “connection” (as it turns out) is pretty manual, and error prone.

How about moving into the 21st century and eliminate the manual effort. How about automating your integrations? Learn About Crossroads RMC Consulting

We have tied Baan and Infor LN to:

  • Warranty systems
  • CRM systems
  • Web portals
  • Automated batch picking systems, and so much more!

Contact me to find out how we can automate the communication between your systems, so you don’t have to worry about what got lost in translation.

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Baan/LN Tip: New Mapping Scheme

After a new mapping scheme is copied from an existing one, it is possible to check transactions in a simulation mode, before activating the new scheme. However, before the simulation can take place, the new mapping scheme needs to have completed the “Check Mapping Scheme” step. When the check is completed, a transaction can be simulated by highlighting it and from the Specific menu, selecting “Map with Specific Mapping Scheme.” Any errors can be corrected without having to activate the new mapping scheme.
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Anthony Etzel- Featured Speaker at inPower 2019

Infor IDF is replacing green screens for inquiries and release LX 8.4 for file maintenance. This session will show you how to use IDF over your non-LX file. 

Many Companies have IDF and are not effectively using it. This session will cover:

  • Building a business object (Intergrator) 
    • How to create a logical expression
    • How to make a field a maintainable field with IDF
  • Views 
    • How to create custom views
    • How to navigate in IDF and create search subsets

Register for inPower today! ​


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Pushing Forward In the Face of Adversity. Soundview recently suffered a major loss when fire struck on January 30, 2019.

Soundview Paper lost their main building when disaster struck. This building housed offices, their computer center and part of their manufacturing facility. The loss including hardware, networks, system data backups, etc. Crossroads RMC was contacted immediately to assist in the recovery of their BPCS V6 system. With limited backups and a full team effort, Crossroads RMC assisted in the acquisition of new hardware and are currently in the midst of helping to bring their system back to life. Soundview has secured support from various partners to make all this happen, and we are privileged to be part of the team. A lot of work has been done so far, but we have a long road ahead. Users will soon regain access by the end of this week,  and as required, Crossroads RMC will provide the necessary consulting support from our LX team to get Soundview back up and running. We are communicating with them daily, as we work thru this process.

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BPCS/LX Tip of the Week: Facility Period Close

The Facility Period Close process, as introduced in Infor LX 8.3.4, was designed to function interactively. 

The expectation was that clients with a continuous or 24-hour worldwide operation in multiple facilities would submit the Period End Close jobs for each facility as daily operations ceased or shifts ended for each facility. This process was designed to function interactively so that validations of users performing transactions that conflicted with period end processing, and resulting messages, were immediately sent to the period end user. 

This enhancement provides a batch mode for the Facility Period Close (INV930) process and allows the Update IIM Inventory from IWI (INV931) process to be submitted from the INV930B program. The enhancement also provides a batch mode for the INV931 process. For example, a user has a 24-hour operation in facilities around the world, but a centralized IT operation. With this enhancement the user can submit the individual facilities to be closed to a batch process that can be managed by a scheduler, automatically releasing each facility to be closed at a predetermined time.

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