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What does OTTO do that finite scheduling doesn’t?

Author: Anthony Etzel/Monday, June 10, 2019/Categories: News / Event

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Finite scheduling identifies what constraints need to be overcome and it provides the best schedule given the constraints. But the objective is not only to overcome or remove the constraint but to prevent the constraint from even occurring. Only people can anticipate and overcome current constraints, and this requires time for analysis and people to apply their knowledge to the data. OTTO removes the non value-added tasks of extracting and manipulating data and provides the visibility to support people in solving near-term, complex problems. 


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Anthony Etzel

Anthony Etzel

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1 comments on article "What does OTTO do that finite scheduling doesn’t?"


Help With Assignment - Assignment-Corp

6/11/2019 7:01 AM

I noticed a program called otto on add and remove programs.

There was no information on and if I clicked change or remove it automatically deleted it instead of asking if I was sure ............like it always does.I used Norton utility registry cleaner and it said this was wrong or missing does anyone know what this software.

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