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5 Steps to Getting Everyone On Board With Change

In almost every project, in every industry, I found that the management team, or the project team felt that change was necessary. However, talk is cheap when the rubber meets the road. Getting people to embrace change is very challenging.

In an attempt to help realize why change is sometimes necessary for a business to survive and thrive, here is my view on change, presented for your consideration:

C: Chaos
Loss of control, no clear definition of what is about to happen. How will things change? For what reason(s) do they need to change? Yes, for a period of time, you may feel like the ground beneath you isn’t solid.

H: Hostility- Will you have more work? Will you lose your job? You will be stressed, which may lead to anger?

A: AloneWhy is this happening to you? Why do you feel like you are the only one who isn’t embracing the change?

N: Nightmare - Most people are afraid of the unknown, and dread uncertainty. They go to great lengths to stay where they are to avoid going down a new path. A new path is scary.

G: GriefOpening the door to bad possibilities - change could lead to worse outcomes. This leads to feelings of negativity and sadness.

E: Evil – As in, “The End”. You believe that the change could result in complete failure. You think it is a very bad idea that reeks of impending doom.

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How Do You Measure Success in Your Business?

Business owners may measure success in different ways – some tangible, some intangible.

In order to establish how you should measure success for your business, you need to first examine how you measure your personal success. If you are a business owner, or a part of the management team of the company you work for, ask yourself these questions to see how you measure up:

Assess personal success.

1.    Am I happy in my job?

2.    Do I have passion for what I’m doing?

3.    Do I get the desired results based on the effort I’m putting in?

4.    Am I putting forth my best effort?

5.    Am I patient and allow for sufficient time to see results?

6.    Do I get respect from my co-workers?

7.    Do I have the endurance to hang in there when things get a bit rough?

Reflect on successes and failures.

After answering these questions, do you need to make any changes? Do you still have the same ambition and drive to achieve the goal? Are you content with your work, or have you come to the conclusion that you have not done your best?

To be successful...

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New Definition of Insanity: Collect data the same old way

Just because you've always done it this way doesn't mean it's the best way. The old way of doing things may get the job done, but is the job being performed efficiently, accurately, and on a timely basis?

People resist change because there is an element of fear behind change and having to learn something new. Sometimes it’s just that you’re comfortable with how things are done, and you don’t see the need to make any changes. 

Are you stuck in manual?

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BPCS/LX Tip of the Week: Role-Based Security

Role-Based Security introduces role type profiles and allows combining the use of role profiles with the traditional LX user type security profile functionality. The new role type profile can be defined to allow or deny access to All Products, Attention Key, Programs, and Transaction Effects.

Facility, Warehouse, and Company securities are still defined solely by the user profile settings and are not affected by the assignment of a role. Where applicable, the role authority is displayed alongside the user authority on the security profile maintenance screens making it easy to see where there are differences in authority between the user and the assigned roles.

When users are assigned to roles, security access in LX becomes a combination of authorities granted or denied by the role plus any user exceptions. User exceptions override authorities set by the roles. A user can also be assigned to more than one role.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Today!

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This method of inventory tracking is slow, and prone to human error.

Putting a simple barcode system in place speeds up the process of tracking inventory movements, reduces the likelihood of mistakes, and creates a recorded history of the who/what/where that can provide valuable insight to those who make critical business decisions for your business.

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we’d be happy to help you take the first step.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Today!

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BPCS/LX Tip of the Week: Why Would You Buy a BMW, But Use a Scooter?

Congratulations! You bought that shiny, new car! It has all the features you can possibly want and goes a million miles an hour. It can take you anywhere your heart desires…….but you rely on a manual scooter to get you around. You know, the kind you had when you were a kid…BEFORE you could drive…before you could afford the BMW. Make sense? Uh... no.

You’d never do this, right? So, why are you doing this with the ERP system that runs your business? Why are you relying on spreadsheets and separate little Access databases to record and store the information that is the most critical to your business when you have an ERP system that is meant for this? Why continue to plod along at a snail's pace when you have the tools to take your business to the next level?

Your ERP system is your BMW. Use it. See what it can do for you. Think you’ve used it to its potential? Unlikely. We’ve helped customers breathe new life into their EXISTING ERP version all by unlocking functionality for them that was already there and ready to use! We’ve also helped by offering add-ons to the ERP that can make your productivity skyrocket.

Ask us how. We’ve got an extra set of keys to the BMW in case you lost yours.

Optimize Your Manufacturing Today!

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  1. Eliminate paper shop packet and distribution of the paperwork to the shop floor.     
  2. Eliminate manual (paper-based) recording activities and the need to key in the transactions.
  3. Easy electronic scheduling by sequence and changing job priorities.
  4. Evaluate differences using actual times compared to standards.
  5. Improve data accuracy and eliminate the need to chase and fix errors.
  6. Practice real-time data reporting to monitor efficiencies and identify problems as they occur.
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Duncan – Out With the Old In With the New… MES

Duncan Enterprises, Inc., a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of ceramics, arts and crafts, fabric dying and painting products, fashion arts, and home decor DIY products, has selected Crossroads MES to implement throughout all of their shop floor departments and work centers. Through this implementation, Duncan intends to replace their existing Code Soft label software and Shop 2000 Reports. In addition, they expect to eliminate manual tracking of performance measurements and labor. With Crossroads MES, all shop floor paperwork will be distributed in a paperless fashion and all shop floor activities and production receipts will be captured. In addition, real time shop floor status information will be available for reporting across the enterprise.
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