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BPCS/LX Tip of the Week: Using Pre-Assigned Lot Numbers

Author: Anthony Etzel/Wednesday, January 17, 2018/Categories: BPCS & ERPLX Tips

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Some items in the manufacturing process may require a lot number. A quick and easy way to release the Shop Orders with lot numbers is by using the Multi-Level Shop Order Release.

Simply select the end item from the selection screen and use action 10 for the multi-level order release. At the bottom of the release screen is the field “Pre-Assign a Lot Number to Shop Orders”. Select 1 for the pre-assigned lot number assignment option.

This option will use the pre-assigned lot number on the shop order, if the lot number exists. If the lot number does not exist, the system will automatically create a lot number and assign it to the shop order for all items that are lot-controlled.

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Anthony Etzel

Anthony Etzel

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