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About NextTrack Dashboard
Crossroads RMC believes that what you can measure, you can improve and with the NextTrack Dashboard application, executives, supervisors and shop floor employees can see the same data, track production status, downtime percent complete, machine status, cycle time, OEE and more.

Features and Functions:

  • Separate Operator and Supervisor views.

  • Operator View – provides information on percent complete, efficiency, machine status, job and part information, and suspend status.

  • Supervisor View – provides a “quick view” of all resources presenting machine status, efficiency, and part information. Double clicking on any resource or choosing from the resource drop down will drill into the operator screen for that resource.

  • Parameter controlled configuration allows for personalization of the dashboard display.

  • Color-coded status indicators of out of range conditions.

  • Alerting – Get a text or an email when an alert condition occurs ( i.e. machine down for 5 minutes, OEE drops below 85%). Decide when you want an alert and the dashboard will send it to you.

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Manage your shop floor with the press of a button with NextTrack Dashboard

Manufacturing companies often have some idea of whether or not they are performing well, but how current is your information? Is it based on your last quarterly report, or is it based on what is happening on your shop floor right now?

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