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About NextTrack MES
NextTrack MES is a .NET next generation manufacturing execution system focused on providing high value low cost MES solutions to manufacturing companies. 

NextTrack MES can be run as a stand-alone system or as an integrated solution, working seamlessly with your ERP system to provide full visibility into your manufacturing business operations. Because NextTrack MES is a fully functional MES system, you will realize immediate benefits from our quick start implementation, and can add on your own functionality to completely tailor the solution to your business.

Major Benefits Include:

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency
  • Decreased Downtime and Scrap
  • Decreased WIP Inventory
  • Decreased Indirect Labor
  • Increased Capacity Utilization
  • Real-time Integration
  • Improved Quality and Compliance
  • Real ROI



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Why choose NextTrack MES

Success Story
Company Profile: a global company that develops and markets products to improve animal health and protein production.
Critical Issue: Identify and track product, so the company is compliant with EU traceability and verification requirements.
Optimization Required: Print dynamic, inline data on packaged materials, along with the ability to mark and verify the 2D Datamatrix barcode format. 
Optimization Solution: The Tracking and Genealogy Module of NextTrack MES, resulting in the ability to track and validate 100% of their outgoing packages, and become fully compliant with EU traceability and verification requirements.