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About RMCtime
Are you looking to streamline the collection of time and labor? RMCtime is the simple answer.
Crossroads RMC’s time and attendance solution provides the functionality you need to manage your operations in real-time. And, it's built for and within Baan and Infor LN, so you can avoid the expense of developing, supporting and maintaining custom integration solutions. 

Incorporating RMCtime with Baan and Infor LN to capture, process and track time and labor offers several benefits, including:  

“RMCtime streamlined the entry, collection and update processes necessary for accurate reporting, at both the plant and corporate levels. Eliminated manual efforts, minimized cost overruns, provided real-time information throughout the plant; gave the ability to recognize problems sooner, and helped increase production rates and on-time deliveries.” 


Why choose RMCtime

Company Profile:
 Hydraulic parts manufacturer, multi sites.
Critical Issue: Inefficient time and labor reporting system 
Optimization Required: Eliminated manual time entry, get real-time visibility into time & attendance, and integrate with Baan IV.
Optimization Solution
RMCtime for time and labor reporting. RMCtime streamlined the entry, collection and update processes necessary for accurate reporting, at both the plant and corporate levels. Eliminated manual efforts, minimized cost overruns, provided real-time information throughout the plant; gave ability to recognize problems sooner, and helped increase production rates and on-time deliveries.