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About RMC3
RMC3 Data Collection Suite provides Infor LN and Baan users with real-time, accurate information to reduce operational costs and automate reporting for shop floor, warehousing and distribution operations. RMC3 applications improve the accuracy of collecting, recording and transferring information. By reducing the labor required to collect information, RMC3 increases the available time to perform value added activities and decreases indirect costs.

The RMC3 Data Collection Suite delivers a set of applications that reduce the required time and labor for warehouse management, production reporting, label generation and inquiries. By combining sessions, eliminating duplicate entries and using available information to complete a transaction, RMC3 extends the Infor LN and Baan applications to ensure efficiencies and timely information flow and reporting.


RMC3 Interfaces:

Why choose RMC3

Did you know that you can realize a 50% reduction in the time to complete your material receipts process? And you don't have to add staff to achieve it? A major automotive manufacturer did!

When a major automotive manufacturer was experiencing significant inefficiencies and difficulties within their receiving operations, they chose RMC3 Data Collection Suite.

Crossroads RMC consultants revealed a lack of integration to their ERP system, creating numerous time-consuming manual steps to process incoming material and determine the location where the material was needed. This manual process slowed production, caused additional staffing needs and hindered their ability to effectively get needed material to the assembly line.

Since implementing the RMC3 Data Collection Suite, receiving and moving material was quicker, more accurate and efficient, enabling the addition of another assembly line which increased production volume - all without the need to add staff.

Here is what others are saying about RMC3

“Improving the efficiency of all our operations is key to our ongoing success. Crossroads RMC’s Data collection solution clearly can help us on an ongoing basis, and it offers immediate improvement and a foundation we can continue to build on.”IT Manager, Magnesita