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® i Screen Modernization
Thousands of organizations run business-critical solutions on the IBM i platform. For many companies, these solutions are presented with a very dated, green-screen user interface. Today’s users expect enterprise applications to offer the same desktop experiences as can be found in consumer applications.

Crossroads RMC and Rocket Software have teamed up to make it easy to modernize your critical business applications and avoid the time, expense, and risk associated with re-coding or replacing them. Rocket® LegaSuite also automatically extracts and synchronizes all screens of a legacy application with any modernized user interface, ensuring consistent and coordinated change management at all ends of the organization.

Uncover New Business Value From Your Existing Enterprise Applications
New business requirements are exposing the limitations of older enterprise applications that rely on rigid screen-based applications. The inability to extend these applications to new systems of engagement can negatively impact sales of new products, customer service and productivity, forcing organizations to recode or replace them at significant cost and risk. That means that the investments and the customizations these applications receive over time continue to benefit your organization. Older green-screens are converted into modern user interfaces that offer a compelling and productive experience to your customers and employees.

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Crossroads RMC proudly partners with Rocket Software and uses the LegaSuite GUI as the user interface for the Crossroads MES solution for the i Series. See for yourself how Crossroads RMC has been able to provide an easy to use, powerful UI for shop floor users. Learn how this same software can be used to transform your green screens into user friendly, modern screens.

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Modernize Your IBM® i Screens with Crossroads RMC & Rocket Software

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Create a modern, easy to use interface with the addition of list boxes, buttons, and more

Create a UI that makes sense to YOUR business