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Crossroads RMC and Kardex Remstar Partner to Provide Solution for L3 Electron on Infor LN

Author: Kathy Barthelt/Monday, July 03, 2017/Categories: News / Event

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L3 Electron has selected Crossroads RMC to develop a connector from Kardex Remstar’s Power Pick Global software to Infor LN. Power Pick Global facilitates batch picking, allowing an operator to fill multiple orders at one time, increasing productivity significantly. Multi-user-picking provides the flexibility to easily add additional labor to further increase picking speeds when order volume is high. Optical indicators such as Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light direct the operator to the exact location of the pick, increasing accuracy and reducing the number of picking errors. L3 Electron is a technology company specializing in the manufacture of microwave devices for ground-based, airborne and satellite communications and radar. Go live is scheduled for late Q3 of 2017.

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